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The Ultimate 1 Day Concrete Floor Coating

The floors of a house take the burden of our everyday activities and are usually the first surfaces that need repairs. This is the reason why it is important to invest in floors which will keep pace with your everyday routine while adding a touch of class into your home.

In fact, there are hundreds of flooring options to choose from which can be overwhelming. You can ask the advice of professional providers like newcasapainters.ca to assist your further inquiries.

Image - The Ultimate 1 Day Concrete Floor Coating
The Ultimate 1 Day Concrete Floor Coating

1-Day floor coatings are amazing to level-up your house. These kinds of flooring have become wildly known for its several good benefits. You can check out on the internet some awesome garage transformations.

Here is a list of things you might not know about floor coatings.

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1 Day Floor Coating is Less Expensive than Others

Usually, high-quality floor coatings look expensive. These floor coatings are frequently seen in sophisticated garages with luxurious cars. But this doesn’t mean that only high-end homes can exclusively have it though!

Most of the experts in the industry offer competitive pricing for the floor coating system. They designed this 1-day floor coating system to be perfectly suitable with regular homes without overpowering the whole aspect of the entire house.

It might be truly tempting to do your own floors and grab that DIY floor coating kit. In fact, you can do it right away whenever you want but it won’t last long and will end up showing a poorly done project. Preparing this kind of process requires professional skills tested over time. Look for those who offer a warranty as they are confidently sure of the quality of their services.

1 Day Floor Coating Can Give You More

If you are the kind of person who loves walking through your local hardware store, you may see a lot of options for DIY concrete floor coatings. Well, it’s just like cooking a certain recipe. Imagine the same recipe and the same ingredients cooked by a skilled chef and regular person are more likely to have different results.

Professionally made floor coatings offer way stronger ingredients than epoxy. This makes it slip-resistant, easier to clean and sturdy enough to last for years. It can be installed in just 1 day and has a diversity of colors and finishes.

1 Day Floor Coating is Better Than Epoxy

Yes, you might think that this is just another epoxy system. But, no. epoxy has its place, but that place is neither your garage nor the busiest part of the house or factory. Here are some of the benefits to choose 1 Day floor coating system:

  • Quick and strong adhesion (made possible because of the perfect chemical bond with your concrete)
  • Unlike epoxy that makes you wait for up to 5 days, you can drive on your installed 1 Day floor coating in 48hrs
  • It is stable and unfading!
  • Tire-pickup on hot days is a no-no with epoxy, but not with polyurea
  • It’s weather-resistant!

1 Day Floor Coating is Not Just Paint

Most of the people may oversee the real materials used in floor coatings. It is not just painted all alone. This floor coating is usually made from polyurea and colored flakes from high-quality vinyl. Polyurea makes the coating waterproof, UV resistant, abrasion resistant and very durable. This awesome floor coating system will protect your floors from wear and tear, and weather damage.

1 Day Floor Coating is perfect for an Ultimate Garage Makeover

Garage space is typically one of the toughest parts of your home. It is the most hardest-working area where physically rough activities get done. This is the place where spilled chemicals, from oil changes to paint, marked and sometimes leave permanent stains.

Your garage floor bears the brunt of that wear and tear. 1 Day concrete coating is the best option to turn your stained, marked, and cracked concrete into a sturdier surface you can be amazed at its durability. It’s totally a long term investment and that’s a win-win deal!

Never compromise and don’t settle for less by accepting an outcome that has lower standards. Always choose quality over quantity as it may help you make the right decision. It is also better to consult and ask for the advice of skilled people to ensure the best result.

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