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Metallic Materials: 5 Benefits of Metal Roofing for Your Home

You’re being faced with that time in every homeowner’s life when they have to replace their roof. You’ve been flipping through catalog after catalog but there are so many different types of materials. How do you choose between them all?

Image - Metallic Materials - Benefits of Metal Roofing for Your Home
Metallic Materials – 5 Benefits of Metal Roofing for Your Home

You could go with something common such as asphalt but why not try something more unique like metal? Though it can be expensive, there are many benefits of metal roofing. It’s durable, can save you money on your power bill, and it’s even fire-resistant.

Not convinced yet? Keep reading to find out all the ways that switching to a metal roof could change your life.

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  1. Long Life

If your metal roof is installed the way it should, it can last you years upon years. It doesn’t allow water to seep through, snow melts off of it fast so it doesn’t sit and create damage, It won’t mold or gather mildew, and you won’t have to worry about rot.

if something does happen, most companies will give you a 30-50 year warranty so you’ll be all set.

  1. Fast and Easy Installation

The materials come in sections so it makes it fast and easy for the contractors to install. This puts you at a huge advantage if your roof needs to be taken apart and there is a storm about to come through.

By shortening the process it’s less likely that the storm will arrive when there is no protection over your home. This speedy installation will cut down on the metal roof cost as well.

  1. Fire Resistance

Metal is non-combustible which puts it at the highest fire safety rating out there. Keep in mind that this may change if it’s being built over a material that is combustible such as wood.

This material also isn’t good against fires that start inside your home. It can protect it from stray embers that reach your house from the outside though.

  1. Energy Savings

Metal as a material can be expensive to buy but you can save money in other places. Again, installation is pretty cheap. You’ll also get to take advantage of some energy savings as well.

Metal reflects the sun’s rays away from your home during the hot summer months. This means that your AC won’t have to work as hard to keep things cool. It can also absorb the sun’s rays during the winter to warm your home.

  1. Snow and Ice Protection

As you can imagine, metal panels are sort of slippery. Snow, ice, and rain can’t really get a hold on it.

Even during the winter, the roof will stay sort of warm due to the sun’s rays. If some snow does manage to stick, it won’t last for long.

Amazing Benefits of Metal Roofing

If you’re about to do a remodel on your roof, why not consider metal as the material. The benefits of metal roofing include everything from energy savings to durability. It’s a no brainer.

Is metal roofing working for you? Glad to hear it! Keep checking our blog daily for more home improvement tips like these.

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