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Home Projects to do Before Winter Hits

In much of the country, winter is quickly approaching. Temperatures are dropping, and snow is beginning to fall. It is time to bundle up, break out the winter boots, and prepare for a few months of the cold.

image - Home Projects to do Before Winter Hits
Home Projects to do Before Winter Hits

But before winter officially arrives, you want to make sure your home is ready for it. If you neglect specific projects in and around your home, you could end up paying for them all winter long. With that in mind, this article will go over some home projects to do before winter hits.

Check and Repair the Furnace

One of the first things you need to do is check and make sure your furnace is in working order. Take time to test the furnace at different temperatures to ensure it works and pumps out warm air without issues.

Also, be sure to check things like the filter, ductwork, and even the vents and registers to ensure everything appears normal.

If the furnace needs a repair as something isn’t working, it is crucial to do this before the cold weather hits. If you don’t, you may have to suffer through freezing temperatures with no way to keep your home warm.

Be sure to search “Furnace repair near me,” and find an experienced and reputable company who can help ensure your furnace is up to the task of warming your home all winter.

If you are unsure if your furnace is working as it should, consider calling these experts as well. They can come to inspect the furnace and make a diagnosis if something appears out of the ordinary.

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Clean Out the Gutters

image - Clean Out the Gutters

Another thing to always do before winter is clean your gutters. You want to rid the gutters of leaves, pine needles, and other debris that could clog them up and block a drainpipe. Consider using a scoop or a hose attachment, and always ensure you use a secure ladder if you need one to reach the gutters.

There are plenty of different reasons to clean your gutters before winter. If you let blockages and water sit in the gutters, once it freezes, it can warp the shape of the gutters and potentially damage them.

The formation of dangerous ice dams is another reason to clean out gutters. Cleaning them out can prevent annoying and expensive repairs in the future, so it is certainly worth it.

Weatherproof All Doors and Windows

Even if you have a furnace that works well, your home can still be colder than you would like during the winter. A big reason for this is air leaks. These tiny gaps/cracks around windows or doors let cold air in and hot air out.

Once you have found them, be sure to seal them up properly. Of course, be sure you know how to weatherstrip a door correctly and ensure your home has a tight seal from the cold outside air. There are often different ways to seal up these gaps, so do a little research and decide which works the best for your needs.

Preparing Your Home for Winter

All of these repairs and fixes are crucial before the cold weather arrives. If you don’t, your home won’t be a comfortable place to live all winter long.

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