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How to Choose an EMF Shielding Device for Home: A Guide

Everything from your heart to the harmless sockets in your walls produces an electromagnetic field. It’s virtually impossible to avoid. The only differentiating factor that makes an EMF harmful is its intensity level.

image - How to Choose an EMF Shielding Device for Home A Guide
How to Choose an EMF Shielding Device for Home A Guide

The low-frequency fields, like the ones produced by your heart, don’t pose a serious threat. However, appliances like a microwave oven that operate at high power levels can start to present problems if they don’t have effective shielding.

While you may not be able to protect yourself outside, you can certainly step up and take extra measures to protect yourself at home.

Keep reading to discover how to choose the best EMF shielding device for your home.


Your bed is supposed to be a safe place that you can lay to relax after a rough day. But when you’re hyperaware of the electromagnetic frequencies surrounding you, it can become challenging to do just that.

Other than placing your phone as far from your body as possible, you can also install canopies as an effective EMF blocker. While canopies can be slightly expensive, there are times you can find them on sale on reputable retail sites like emf-protection.com.

High-quality EMF blocking canopies offer some of the most home protection by reportedly reducing exposure by over 90 percent.

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Radiation Shields

As mentioned earlier, household appliances like microwave ovens can produce some of the largest electromagnetic fields if not for the pre-installed radiation shield.

EMF protection shields have several layers of highly conductive aluminum. A correctly installed radiation shield can potentially reduce the leakage levels to nearly zero.

Protecting Your Baby with an EMF Shielding Device for Home

Children naturally have weaker immune systems compared to adults. That means that they’re at greater risk of radiation exposure.

An excellent tool to help shield your child from unnecessary radiation is to utilize protective baby blankets. Like canopies, these blankets are infused with EMF blocking materials to offer an extra layer of protection.

Pendants and Plugs

Alternatively, you can also take advantage of an EMF neutralizer that plugs into your wall or wear an EMF neutralizing pendant.

Utilizing a plug can be an excellent form of an EMF shielding device for your home. The plug operates by protecting any electronic device connected to your home’s wiring system.

Additionally, once it’s plugged in, it uses the same wiring system to help protect your home from external radiation as well.

Window Films

A brightly lit home is wonderfully aesthetic. However, most external radiation penetrates your home through the windows. It’s recommended to use an EMF shielding film to protect your home.

When correctly cut and installed, it can help reduce a significant portion of 5GHz radiation the seeps in.

Protecting Your Home

Choosing the right EMF shielding device for your home can get challenging with the wide array of options available. Take a few minutes to decide your budget and select which least expensive option can get you the most protection.

Of course, budgeting can require some sacrifice. For example, if you go with a canopy, you leave yourself exposed in other rooms.

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