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Move, Build, destroy: 5 Commonly Used Heavy Machinery Types

Construction work is a demanding job that requires all types of lifting, excavation, and dumping. It isn’t humanly possible to lift these huge loads without heavy machinery. That’s why construction vehicles are essential to getting the job done right.

image - Move, Build, destroy 5 Commonly Used Heavy Machinery Types
Move, Build, destroy 5 Commonly Used Heavy Machinery Types

There are a variety of heavy machinery types, all with their own unique skill set. Whether the job calls for building a home or demolition, you can rely on these heavy machines to get the job done right.

Let’s take a look at the most common construction vehicles around.

1. Excavators

One of the most important and widely used equipment in the construction industry is an excavator. As the name suggests, the primary purpose of excavators is to excavate.

However, they are also used for other purposes, including demolition, river dredging, tree cutting, heavy lifting, etc. Excavators contain an extended arm and a cabinet and at the end of the arm is a digging bucket.

The entire cabin arrangement is rotatable up to 360 degrees which makes the job a little easier.

2. Bulldozers

If you had to think of the most common and widely known types of heavy construction machinery, it’s likely the bulldozer. This is because it’s the strongest and most reliable of its kind.

This is similar to a tractor with a massive blade at the front; this monster is powerful enough to drive through a large amount of soil, sand, debris, etc. One of the best aspects of bulldozers is that they have a fantastic grip on the ground and can be mobilized.

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3. Front-Loaders

Front-loaders are earth-moving equipment. They’re also known as front loaders, bucket loaders, and front-end loaders.

Front-loaders are similar to bulldozers, but they’re further away from the ground. You’ll notice the huge wheels that make them suitable to be used in rough terrains. They also have a square bucket at the end of a large arm that moves.

Its primary purpose is to move dirt, and you’ll find them in construction sites when roads are being fixed.

4. Compactors

Poor soil compaction leads to pipe breaks, leakages, and erosion of the foundation. These problems can lead to an increase in maintenance costs as well as structural failure.

This is where compactors come in and why they are so crucial. They create the proper foundation for a construction project. No matter how small or big the construction job is, a compactor is necessary.

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5. Backhoes

Backhoes are another type of heavy machinery that is used to move the earth.

They can be mounted to a front loader or a regular tractor. You’ll see them at construction sites that need digging for trenches and ditches for foundations, laying cables, and pipework. They can also excavate dirt and move snow.

These machines are great because they can travel to rough terrains that other vehicles may not be able to travel.

Commonly Used Heavy Machinery Types

With a 25% increase in construction workers, it’s good to understand the heavy machinery types involved in these complicated jobs. This is especially true if you’re interested in becoming a construction worker. Next time you pass a construction site, you’ll be able to point out the more common vehicles.

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