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How to Choose a Microwave?

It would seem that because of their low cost, microwave ovens should be in the majority of our compatriots, but statistics confirm the opposite. Only ten to fifteen percent of our families have a microwave oven.

Abroad, they have long appreciated the magnificent properties that a microwave oven has, so we offer to purchase it to everyone who wants to enjoy all the technical innovations that improve our lives.

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How to Choose a Microwave

You do not know how to choose the right microwave, which models and manufacturers prefer? Our article will help you understand the new technique for you.

Why are Microwaves So Popular?

Microwave ovens were liked by people for ease of use, reliability, and the fact that you can choose the one that can decorate the interior of your kitchen in the best way. Note also:

  1. Suitable for people who are sorely lacking time for home cooking.
  2. The small size allows you to find a place for her, even in a small apartment.
  3. It turns out to save when compared with gas or electric stoves, ovens.
  4. Maintenance and care are not burdensome.
  5. The air temperature in the kitchen does not increase during unit operation.
  6. Smells from a cooked meal do not spread around.
  7. Due to the fact that cooking time is significantly reduced, more vitamins are saved.
  8. Products can be prepared or heated in a special kitchen utensil, in which you can serve.
  9. Most vegetables and fruits are prepared in their own juice, secreted by this method of preparation, so you do not need to add water.
  10. Many dishes are as tasty as if they were cooked in traditional ways.
  11. The food is almost dietary since you do not need to add fat.
  12. Defrosting in the microwave is quick, and all the properties of defrosted foods are preserved.
  13. They can sterilize banks, baby bottles.

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Which Microwave to Choose?

A modern kitchen is impossible without a conscientiously working stove, a good hood, and other devices that make life easier for the hostess. Household time is significantly reduced for those women who have the best microwave.

What should she be like? They come in different sizes, colors – everyone can figure it out, but which functions should be preferred? It all depends on what kind of food is preferred in your family.

What kind of microwave oven to choose if you are used to cooking in an air grill, on a stove, and a new technique is needed mainly only for warming up cooked food or for thawing meat and fish?

We offer “solo” – this is the simplest microwave oven in which only the radiation itself is used for heating without additional functions.

Uniform heating is obtained as follows: your product is stationary, and the electromagnetic field moves around it. Such models are the cheapest, but also as more expensive brothers, they will last a very long time if used correctly.

For home baking (cakes, cookies, pizzas, and others), besides the crust, it is extremely important to evenly brow, and this is possible in microwave ovens, where in addition to the grill there is convection – circulation of hot air. This is forced using the built-in fan.

This information is important for you to know which microwave oven is best for you.

A microwave oven with convection is not cheap, if you have an oven, then you don’t have to spend money on equipment that will duplicate an existing one.

One more “against” – not all housewives manage to learn how to bake pies in ovens with microwaves. Therefore, buying an expensive thing and using it as a “solo” stove is not worth it.

It is important to know how to care for the new technology so that it lasts much longer than the manufacturers promise. Take care of the microwave from the first days of operation, and not when the first malfunctions begin.

Such household appliances are good in that the masters are practically unknown cases of breakdowns due to manufacturing defects. This is the highest rating for her.

Important: malfunctions most often occur due to network surges. We recommend that you follow the advice of professionals: installing a voltage stabilizer or surge protector will protect against problems. Technology failures also occur if:

  • used meta
  • personal dishes;
  • the magnetron turns on at full power;
  • Incorrect transportation
  • put on a windowsill or refrigerator.

How to Choose Microwaves by Characteristics?

Chamber volume:

  • 16-19 liters – this volume is enough to defrost an ordinary small chicken;
  • a volume of 23 liters is sufficient for a family of three;
  • 38-41 liter – cooking turkey in such an aggregate is quite real, as well as cooking pies and everything else to feed a large family.

What is the power for a certain cooking mode?

  • 750-1100 W – radiation;
  • 850 W – toaster operation;
  • 800-1400 W – grill work;
  • 1350-2000 W – operation in convection mode.

The microwave functions are as follows:

  • Microwave radiation – for heating and defrosting, boiling and quick cooking of simple dishes;
  • Grill – for an excellent crust of your favorite dishes;
  • Convection – for baking, for cooking steamed dishes;
  • Grill + microwave radiation – cooking meat dishes;
  • Convection + microwave radiation – cooking diet food in its own juice, drying fruits;
  • Convection + microwave radiation + Grill – in this mode, experienced housewives cook the most complex dishes.

Electromechanical – simple and therefore reliable. Such models are the cheapest, they better protect against children. Simplicity attracts older people; they do not need to learn many programs.

Sensory – give vent to the imagination and the ability to program your own recipes in some models. It is wonderful that many additional functions greatly facilitate the life of a modern person.

The light board informs about all the processes, shows the time. Buttons should be handled with extreme care since if dirt and grease get on the buttons, they begin to work poorly.

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