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How To Choose an Ooni Pizza Oven?

In the pizza oven market, the Ooni is the brand you can’t skip. Ooni pizza ovens are proven to offer you the greatest pizzas.

But the brand comes with different types of pizza ovens that can make you quite confused.

There are several factors to consider before making your purchase of an Ooni pizza oven. Regarding that, we have tried to make out a complete guide on how to choose an Ooni pizza oven.

image - How To Choose an Ooni Pizza Oven?
How To Choose an Ooni Pizza Oven?

The buyer’s guide will help to make your purchase easier.

What to Consider Before Buying an Ooni Pizza Oven?

Types of Ooni Pizza Oven

Knowing the types of Ooni pizza oven will help you to make your purchase.

Focus on your requirements and choose your own. You’ll find 3 types of Ooni pizza oven including:

Ooni Koda

If you prefer a gas-powered outdoor pizza oven, Ooni Koda can be an excellent choice. It offers you great pizzas with less effort.

Just connect it to your gas tank and make your favorite pizza without the mess of wood or charcoal. You can find this portable pizza maker for around 300 dollars.

Ooni 3

When you like most wood-fired pizzas, Ooni 3 is your ideal choice for being one of the best wood-fired pizza ovens.

It can give you a smoky flavor with tasty pizzas. Comes in an original style, it is also super durable.

You need to run the pizza oven on wood pellets. It is considerably cheaper than gas-powered models. You can get this for around $279.

Ooni Pro

If you are looking for the largest pizza oven, Ooni pro can be a reliable choice. It is one of the largest multi-fuel outdoor pizza ovens.

Woods, charcoal, wood pellets, and even gas can be used as fuel. This is why the pizza maker is called a multi-fuel pizza oven.

It allows you to cook bread, vegetables, and meat along with pizzas. We got this one at $599.

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Time Management

Considering the time management of your Ooni pizza oven allows you to get your pizzas more quickly.

You don’t have the whole day to spend on pizza making. Right? Buy a model that ensures ease of use and cook.


Getting absolute control over cooking is one of the key factors to look for in a pizza oven.

Make sure your Ooni pizza oven allows you easy turning and management while cooking.

Fuel Consumption

Opt for a pizza oven that consumes less fuel but offers great pizzas. Therefore, considering the fuel consumption of your Ooni pizza oven is very important.


No matter what type of Ooni pizza oven you choose, the size of the pizza maker is a fact. You should choose the size as per your preferences.

Suppose, you need a pizza oven for travel usage, the machine should be easy to assemble and take apart. But if you want a pizza oven for home use, you can go for larger models.


No wonder that Ooni pizza ovens come to the first list around the pizza market.

Coming in a wide range of varieties, it is quite confusing to choose the best model.

Read along with the article about how to choose an Ooni pizza oven and put more attention to the following factors to make your purchase worthy.

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