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How Do I Choose an Outdoor Water Fountain?

Choosing the perfect water fountain for your outdoor garden isn’t as easy as it may sound.

Your garden can be a relaxing area where you can just chill out and de-stress after a long, overwhelming day outside.

How you design your outdoor space should be as intricate as how you decorate your interior living room.

From the color scheme of the flowers, you’ll be having, to the types of plants that would go well for your theme, and even the perfect decorative pieces to complete the overall ambiance.

Everything should be decided with certainty and, most importantly, should represent “YOU.”

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How Do I Choose an Outdoor Water Fountain?

Water fountains will add aesthetic value to your garden and make the entire area look more relieving and calming.

The sound of rushing water is the ideal atmosphere for connecting with nature while reading one of your favorite novels and drinking your daily cup of tea.

To ensure that you made the right purchase, here are some of the things you should consider in looking for the perfect water fountains for your garden.

Consider the Size of Your Space

You don’t like to make your garden “the place with a big fountain” nor “the big area with a small decoration.”

It’s important that the water fountain of your choice is not “too big” that it gets overwhelming when placed in your garden, nor is it “too small” that it barely makes an effect on the overall aesthetic of the place.

Before purchasing a water fountain, you have to consider how much space you have.

For small gardens, a small birdbath fountain with a sophisticated design will suffice the area.

Or, If you have a small area and want to have more than two water fountains but don’t want it to seem too crowded, outdoor wall-mounted water fountains are a great option.

They look minimalist, don’t take too much land space, and give off a sophisticated vibe.

It’s recommended for you to avoid those highly expressive big large fountains because their massive sizes will only make your garden look too constrained. It will make the place look too stuffed that it doesn’t say “relaxing.”

If you have a wider garden space, on the other hand, we say go for huge! Do not be afraid to make a bolder move and get one of those large outdoor fountains in basins and other striking features.

A large fountain as a centerpiece will maximize the wide space not to look dull and empty.

If your garden theme is more in the contemporary, modern style, a large ball and bowl outdoor water fountain would be perfect.

They’re stylish, notable yet minimalist, and the waterworks of these fountains are particularly elegant.

You can never go wrong with the multi-tier outdoor water fountains if you would like the typical renaissance-style sophistication.

Their touch of aristocratic designs will immediately make your area like a ballroom place of old-time England. The elegance they give off is just immense and impactful.

An outdoor water fountain is an important piece in decorating your garden. Its mere existence alone can either make or break the entire look of the place.

To help you visualize your desired outcome, we suggest that you take a wide-angle picture of your yard.

Make sure every side is taken in a single shot, and look for some available fountain online, edit it or visualize it in the space you have, placed in the location you want it to be.

This will sway you away from making impulsive decisions and see what your garden would look like with the fountain you like.

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For your Aesthetic, Choose a Fountain Design

You can never be too hasty in choosing the right design that would go well in your garden.

There are plenty of things to consider. Such like, “Do I want a multi-tiered fountain or a one-layer fount and basin?”, “What fountain color would contrast and complete the plants and flowers in my garden?” and “Do I go for those that have an obvious sound of running and splashing water, or will a more sound and calming water flow be better?”.

It is also crucial to decide if you want your fountain to be your garden’s central focus and major attraction or simply a feature that enhances the area’s overall appearance.

When you just shop recklessly, believing it would look good anywhere, you place it, and no matter what it seems, you might sabotage your desired aesthetic and waste a wholesome amount of money.

If you would like to have an outdoor water fountain that would be the main attraction the moment guests enter your safe space, a multi-tiered water fountain would be best.

For the color, a beige limestone will contrast well with a place full of bermudagrass and stone paths.

The light color will brighten up the entire area and would make the greens more alive.

However, if you are aiming for a darker color fountain, you have to make sure that your place has one of those dark-colored stone paths that would lead to the fountain so that the decor piece won’t look awkward in a place full of greenery and other lively colors.

A bright and dark contrast will also make your outdoor area exciting and elegant.

For those who want to make their garden their private, relaxing area where you can comfortably sit and read, a fountain with a calming water flow is highly recommended.

You can have one of those outdoor wall fountains so it won’t cause too much of a distraction being all at the center.

There are many outdoor water fountains nowadays that offer a slow and radiant water flow as if it’s water running from a slow stream or a river.

Look for the one that radiates a calming energy best. If you like having guests, and hosting gatherings in your garden, on the other hand, a fountain with more active running water is advisable.

They’re fun to look at, more movements can be seen, and their waterworks can be an attraction for your visitors. Choose the one that would represent your personality and the life you live.

Pay Attention to The Fountain’s Material

You have to ask yourself this when choosing the right fountain material; “Do I want my water fountain to last a long time, or will I just change it within 5 years?”.

If you wish to have an outdoor water fountain that would withstand the test of time, granite fountains are the ones we highly recommend you to get.

They can adapt well to different kinds of weather, even survive cold seasons for a couple of years without damage.

The disadvantage is that they are quite heavy, making placement difficult. But, if you plan to use it permanently, what’s a couple of heavy liftings, right?

If you belong to the ones who like to change their home decorations and theme constantly, a cheaper and lighter option should be best.

Fiberglass fountains are the current talk of the town and are known for their lightweight characteristics compared to the very heavy granite fountains.

They’re also stylish and give off the impression of a granite or stone fountain at first glance. If you’re someone so fond of change, this piece will be a total steal for you.

Now that you know the basic things you need to look for in purchasing suitable outdoor water fountains for your outdoor space, it’s time to grab your cards and give your garden a total makeover!

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