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5 Remodelling Ideas for Your Indoor Entryway

A person’s house entryway is like the clothes she wears at a party. It’s the first thing people notice, and more often than not, their overall first impression will be based on it.

Who doesn’t want to make an excellent first impression, right? So, like shopping for the best-looking outfits, your entryway should also have striking features that would immediately make your guests be in awe and completely smitten.

image - 5 Remodelling Ideas for Your Indoor Entryway
5 Remodelling Ideas for Your Indoor Entryway

Make them feel at home, all while maintaining elegance and sophistication. If you’re going to leave an impression, leave a lasting one.

If you’re still not convinced about an entryway’s importance or too scared to make rough changes in your home, we have listed down some simple ideas you can follow to make your typical entryway into a magically welcoming foyer.

1. Keep It Calming and Elegant with Indoor Wall Fountains.

If you’re not yet ready to make great changes yet still want a significant adjustment, every guest will notice the moment they step onto your doorstep.

Wall fountains from LuxeWaterWalls.com are the current hype you should try to jump in. Wall fountains’ exquisite designs and the sound of calming flowing waters, these stylish indoor pieces are masterpieces you can acquire in the comforts of your home.

Luxe Water Walls is one of the most trusted wall fountain manufacturers that would help you create an ideal sanctuary perfect for accommodating guests or just a place where you can immediately destress after a long, hard day outside.

They offer a wide variety of fountain designs – from the minimalist small and slick ones to the wider, more detailed water walls.

You can also try to add more of your taste and make your imagination turn into a bright reality.

What’s also great about Luxe Water Walls is that they can customize your chosen product to be a wall fountain of your choice. They offer quality water features and customer-friendly services.

Instead of purchasing a water fountain that would match the color scheme of your home, we suggest choosing the one that would create a positive contrast with your place’s theme to create an elegant effect of popping colors.

Your place would look fun, comfortable, and relaxing.

2. Color It Up with An Art Gallery

Artsy or not, we can’t deny the beauty paintings add to almost everywhere they’re placed. If you feel more creative but don’t have time to start remodeling from scratch, why not try a much simpler style and transform your foyer into a stylish art gallery?

With the right art pieces that would perfectly go well when joined together, you can make your guests experience a mini art tour the moment they take a step inside your place.

And, we’re not just talking about minimalist paintings here. If you decide to make an art gallery out of your foyer space, make sure you’ll go bold and have fun with it.

Try hanging paintings that have bright and lively colors or those that have grand movements. This will make people feel more welcomed and comfortable with the area. Creative and colorful paintings are easy to catch attention.

Don’t worry about it looking “too much” because three to four of these art pieces will suffice the entire area. With its complimenting colors, your foyer wouldn’t need other designs for it to look immediately complete.

For wide entryways, a single big painting and two to three medium pieces will be perfect. Those that have a smaller space, on the other hand, can have three to four paintings hung to maximize the entire area.

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3. Make It Grand, Place A Notable Instrument.

If you can’t make a grand entrance, just make sure you have a grand entryway. Transform your dull-looking indoor space into something extra by placing special instruments like a piano or an old cello.

Try a fancy and classic theme if you don’t feel like creating a welcoming and fun area instead. This type of placement would look best in places where shades of brown and woods are prevailing.

Your entryway will magically appear like those cut out of an upper-class Victorian mansion when paired with a couple of small white chairs and some yellow lights to set the atmosphere.

To avoid it from looking “intimidating,” you can add light colors like a white carpet around the instrument. This will make the place look brighter as well as accentuate the instrument you have placed.

If you choose to remodel your entryway with this style, it’s either you go hard, or your guests will be going home.

So, do not be afraid to have too much because this method has no room for uncertainties. Instead of its typical arrangement in the living room, draw it a little nearer and give your guest a surprise.

Also, if you’re into musical instruments, this might be the perfect idea for you!

4. Bring Comfort and Place Comfortable Seating

You might be thinking this is unnecessary because guests will be in the living room anyways. But, if you’re aiming for a welcoming ambiance, placing a comfortable mini sofa on your entryway leaves an impression to your guests that you want them to hang out at your place.

Chairs are made for people to sit, and if you have it at the very first place they’ll be seeing right after going in, it will appear like you’ve been expecting them and like having them around.

There are a lot of modern mini sofa sets right now with different fun colors. Try to go for those that have cute shapes and add one or two velvet or feather pillows. Place it in the corner of your entryway with a small indoor plant, and you’re all set!

They say that the best way to welcome a guest is by letting them have a seat. Well, nothing will be more comfortable than a place that has comfortable chairs, even in the foyer, right?

The chair’s perfect shape and color will complete the tone of your entire entryway space.

5. Replace Your Awkward Space with A Statement Rug and Other Furniture

If you’re too tired to re-plan the entire vibe of your entryway, this might be something you can have as your go-to remodeling technique.

An adequate size statement rug will maximize the whole area and would make it look less empty. If your place is more of a minimalist style, you can have one of those statement rugs with simple shapes and dual-color designs.

However, if you’re more on the extra side, statement rugs with different patterns and multi-colors will be perfect.

To avoid having some extra awkward space, you can put a small wooden table with flowers on top to make it more welcoming.

Or, if you’d like to experiment more, you can maximize the remaining wall area and build a mini bookshelf the guests will immediately see the moment they enter the house.

Now that you have some ideas, it’s time for you to put your style and make these ideas into reality. Start upgrading your foyer and improve the overall ambiance of your place.