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How to Cut Wood Without A Saw?

Woodworking is all about art. Any other art form of woodworking requires practice and patience. Woodworking involves a lot of steps including cutting, sharpening, molding, etc.

You can cut wood using a variety of tools but a saw is the most important and the most efficient.

image - How to Cut Wood Without A Saw
How to Cut Wood Without A Saw

Woodcutting Without Saw

Usually, a power saw or a hand saw is used in cutting the wood. But if you do not have a saw, you can also cut wood. The following tips can help you.

The other tools you will need

  • Wood
  • A sharp knife.
  • A Drill/sharpening machine
  • A sharp machete.
  • A sharp axe.

Using Knife

The knife is one of the most primitive tools for cutting. Sometimes you just want to remove long pieces of wood that may have to conquer the appropriate lengths.

If you do not have a saw, you can easily fix such wood pieces with the help of a knife.

First, make sure your knife is ready for the job. Sharpen your knife with a file before you start. Now you have to use a different technique for cutting wood.

You can use a slanting technique. Just hold the wood firmly at a slanted angle and use a sharp knife to cut the wood. Trim the edges perfectly.

Another way you can try is cutting with a knife small bits of wood from the point of cutting the knife. Then snap the wood using your hand and trim the cut with a knife.

You can also use an oscillating tool for woodcutting for that you have to choose a right oscillating tool blade.

Drilling Machine

You can cut the wood with a drilling machine, which is used in the production of household furniture. These types of wood are usually thin and long.

You can quickly cut the wood into different sizes and pieces with the use of a drilling machine. This machine is unlike a knife and it works by creating holes rather than giving you a perfect cut.

Draw a line on the wood you have to cut. Keep repeating the process until the holes weaken and break off the wood. Then trim the edges of the wood and have your wood ready for use.

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Sharp Machete

A sharp machete can be used when you need raw thin wood for a particular project. Identify the points of the wood you plan to cut and create a clear line around the wood.

Use a sharp machete to make small cuts along the marked line at a slanted angle. Repeat this on both of the sides of the wood and repeat the steps until the wood breaks. Use the machete to trim the edges of the wood.

Using an Axe

You cannot use a drilling machine, knife, or a machete to cut a thin log of wood. But a perfectly sharp axe will surely make the cut. You can get the same results as a saw.

Although, the process of cutting wood with an axe could be a bit time-consuming and back-breaking.

First of all, create an imaginary line along with the point where you intend to get your cut. Use the sharp axe and Start cutting small bits of the wood a few inches from the line.

Keep on doing this continuously until you have managed to cut around the tree or wood. After finishing one side, focus on the other side of the marked line and do the same.

Continue cutting in this manner over and over again until the wood log breaks into two. Keep a good distance as the wood or tree falls. Use your axe or machete to trim the edges.


Cutting wood without a saw is possible and you do not need to fret anymore for purchasing power saws. Never work without protective clothing like gloves and goggles.

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