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How to Use a Tap and Die Set?

Tap and die set is a very important tool for your workshop and industrial purpose. Tap and die set is used where you need to connect two ends of some material or create screw threads.

Tap and die sets are also used to create screw threads inside or outside of old screws, holes, bolts, and wherever you need to.

image - How to Use A Tap and Die Set
How to Use A Tap and Die Set

There could be many situations where you need to create or repair a thread. Tap and die set is the perfect helping hand for you at that time.

Where You Can Use a Tap and Die Set?

Tap and die set is a great helping and supporting tool for you if you own a workshop or do some repairing job in an industry or garage.

A screw can break inside a hole and you can remove that or a damaged bolt which you need to drill out can be done by a tap and die set.

You can be a mechanic or a woodworker or a metal worker, there are some difficult situations regarding these screws, bolts, and threads where you cannot reach without this effective tool.

Here in this article, we are going to look at the right way to use the tap and die toolset.

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Choosing the right tool for the Job

Before getting started with tap and die set you to need to choose the right tool for the job you are going to start.

You need to have a stronger tool than the material you are working on. Suppose you are working or threading on a hard material then a soft carbon soft steel will not work and it will break as you speed up.

So make sure that the tool you are using is suitable for the job you are doing.

Determine the Threads Per Inch

You can use a “die” to cut threads on a bolt or repair threads on the bolt. But before you move on to spinning, you need to make sure about the number of threads per inch on the bolt or nut.

Most of the tap and die tools have a gauge including a various number of blades which is used to calculate the TPI (threads per inch) on the nuts or bolts.

When you are sure about the number of threads on the bolt, then you can set the die that matches with it. You have to keep one thing in mind that these sets come both in metric and SAE systems.

Both of the taps and die are tapered so that they can get into anywhere easily and do the job they are meant to.

There is a special wrench that holds the die strong and gives it the advantage of spinning around and guiding it on its way of cutting.

Create New Threads

When you are going to create a thread at first place the bolt into a vise which will hold it tight. Wrench will turn it over.

When you are cutting metal with other metal items heat will be produced surely. So apply some cutting oil on the bolt to lubricate it and it will produce less heat.

Now, place the die on the bolt as if it is horizontal to each other. Now turn the wrench. The die will automatically catch the threads which are already cut into the bolt.

After every two turns, move the wrench in another direction. It will clear the threads and doing this will help the die to cut better.

Apply cutting oil gradually throughout the whole process. Continue to turn the wrench until the bolt comes past the top of the die.

Turn a Steel Rod into a Bolt

Another amazing work you can do with a die set is, you can turn a steel rod into a bolt. To perform the job, you will need a rod with a beveled end.

A flat end rod will not be so useful. But if you don’t find a rod with a beveled end, then use a grinder to make a straight end rod into a beveled end rod.

You need to move the die very slowly and steadily to get the best result. A little impatience and hurry will destroy all your hard work. While doing the work, don’t forget to put a lubricant.

Tap a hole

Before making a hole you need to know these things:

  1. size of the screw, bolt, or object
  2. the TPI of the screw or bolt.
  3. size of the tap drill
  4. size of the tap

Now, set the tap into a wrench and tighten it to the maximum. Make sure the tap cannot move. Move the tap in the opposite direction after every two turns like the die set.

Never forget to apply lubricating oil while making a hole with the tap.

Final verdict

A tap and die tool is a very handy tool for its users. But before you use the tool, be familiar with the tool, and get full knowledge about the uses of the tool.

I hope this article will come very useful to you and you will be able to use the tap and die tool properly and safely.

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