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How to Design the Perfect Garden

People around the world are spending less time outdoors than ever. In fact, a recent study showed that only 17% of people spend time outdoors once a week.

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How to Design the Perfect Garden

If you’re wanting to increase your outdoor time, planning and creating a garden is the perfect solution.

Not only will you have to spend time installing the new garden, but you’ll have to spend time each season maintaining it. On top of that, creating a garden will give you a perfect outdoor area to relax in.

For example, if you cultivate vegetables, you’ll have a supply of fresh produce throughout the year. Hence, it’s a great investment if you can install a garden in your home.

Keep reading to discover the basic elements of how to design the perfect garden.

Plan for the Various Seasons

When it comes to garden design, the very first thing you need to consider is your area’s climate. You don’t want to plant flowers that crave sunlight and a warm climate if you live in a rainy and mild area.

Instead, research by seeing which plants do best in your area.

Once you find a few plants that will thrive in your environment, you want to consider the various seasons. A perfect garden will have plants that bloom in all four seasons to keep the garden active year-round.

Don’t neglect to look at a plant’s blooming period or you might find yourself only able to enjoy your garden in the spring.

Try to mix your seasonal plants together so that each part of your garden has an active plant each season. If you have a spacious outdoor area, it may be beneficial to build a greenhouse. You can use it to store some of your plants during the colder seasons.

Just ensure you’ll build it somewhere with a lot of suns, so any greens you’ll put inside your greenhouse will still get some sunlight. It’s also a great storage room for all your gardening tools.

Include a Water Feature

Water features are a popular addition to any garden. It’s a great way to add an extra dynamic to your garden and the sound of running water can add to the relaxation effect.

Decide on what type of water feature best compliments the space. Water fountains, ponds, and swimming pools are all great additions but you’ll want to factor in the size and design of your garden.

For inspiration, be sure to check out Riverstone Pools as they specialize in landscaping and water features.

Additionally, you should consider which plants you’ll put in your garden to find the right watering system. If your greens get too much or too little hydration, they may die. Hence, it’s best to check how often you should water your plants.

For instance, if you want to grow potted plants like rubber plants, you can read rubber plant care basics. Researching about the plants you want to put in your garden will ensure that you can take care of them without any problems.

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Create an Entertaining Area

No garden is complete without an entertaining area. It may be beneficial to make the most out of your outdoor garden space. After all, it’s a place where you can spend your time, unwind, and relieve stress from your busy lifestyle.

Maybe you want a space to sit and enjoy your surroundings after weeding and collecting any harvest. Or, maybe you want a table to serve your fresh produce for dinner to all your guests.

Either way, start by adding comfortable seating in an open area of your garden. Then, add decor to the area through stepping stones, outdoor lights, potted plants, and any other elements that compliment your garden.

The Perfect Garden Takes Planning

After reading this article, you’re ready to start designing your very own perfect garden.

Start by considering the climate of your area and plan for different plants to bloom and flower in every season.

From there, you want to consider adding in a water element to bring some relaxation to the space. Finally, create an entertaining area so you and your guests can enjoy the beauty of your new landscaping.

You can spruce up your garden by purchasing decorations either locally or online at stores such as Botanex.

Looking for tips on how to maintain your garden so it continues to look great year after year? Bookmark the Gardening section of this site and check back often for new content.

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