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5 Budget-Friendly Gardening Tips

If you have a garden in the front or back of your home that is plain and dead, you are not only missing on the advantages of healthy living but also unknowingly depreciating the cost of the real estate.

It is important to have a garden that is well-maintained and beautiful. An elegant and creative outdoor space adds color and oomph to the living space. It is believed that gardening and landscaping is a pricey affair but it isn’t true.

Budget Gardening Tips

5 Budget Gardening Tips

5 Budget-Friendly Gardening Tips

Here are some secrets to successfully achieve a fantastic garden on a dime just in time to spruce up the outdoor space for summers.

  1. Use Seeds and Not Starts

Instead of using the seedlings that are a few weeks old, it is suggested to use the seed packages. The seeds are not only less expensive, but also gives you the pleasure of seeing the little spots that come up because of your care and love.

When growing the seeds, it is best to stick to all-natural methods. Chemical pesticides and herbicides not only cost extra money but also affect the quality of the plants. Rather rely on natural processes to eliminate the pesky weeds.

  1. Design it Yourself

The fee for professional garden designing generally costs hundreds and thousands of dollars depending on the size of the yard. The reason is the amount of training and experience that goes with it. But you need not hire a professional, with a little research you can design your own garden.

Visit the local library and look for some gardening books or look online for design ideas and references to know which plant needs what conditions, how to put the fences, how to build patios, raised beds waterfalls and anything that you dream to add to your garden. Once you are clear on the ideas, map out the yard on the paper and pencil out the ideas.

  1. Use Whatever You Have

There is no need to buy special pots or containers to grow the seeds. It is best to use the common household items to grow the seeds. Remember the saying, “one man’s junk pile is another man’s goldmine.”

You can fashion out the planters out of everything right from used wooden pallets to the bathtub to juice cans to basket to bottles for Crocs shoes. The eye for recycling and re-purposing can help you find the right container garden ideas that are budget-friendly. For more ideas, you can check the Bargain Hunters blog.

For the gardening supplies use the supplies that nature offers you. You can use the bamboo poles that you can easily find at the garden center and can use to grow everything from tomato, arbors, and build beautiful fences.

If you don’t have the budget to buy the bamboo from the nursery or garden supply stores you can look for people who have yards full of bamboo and willing to share them with you. With a little imagination and effort, you can easily find resources near your town and enjoy a garden on a budget.

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  1. Host or Attend a Plant Swap

It is one of the trends that is catching up fast. The idea is to bring some plants to share and get some in return. The added advantage is that it is free and you get to interact with like-minded people and get some pro tips on gardening and landscaping.

In case you are interested in a shrub or vine that can’t be grown from the seed, you might ask your friends, family or neighbors if they have the desired plant and cut a few pencil-sized sticks. Pop these sticks in the moist perlite and within a few months, the leaves begin to emerge.

  1. Make Your Soil Amendments and Your Own Compost

Buying all-natural fertilizers and soil really adds to the cost of gardening. Composting assures free fertilizer to ensure healthy plants and flowers. Composting also helps in reducing the amount of waste of your home produce.

It is best to use a large storage container in your backyard for composting. Some of the items that you can use to create your own compost are coffee grounds, vegetable scraps, grass clippings, paper, and leaves. Once your compost is ready to make your own soil grow some herbs and flowers.

To provide extra nutrient to the compost crush the eggshells into the compost as it adds phosphorus and calcium. Also use the cover crops, the living plants to ensure that revival of the lost nutrients from the soil in an inexpensive way.

Once you have created the garden of your dream, accessorize it using some lights, patio or gazebo as and when you have the required budget. Gardening not only increases the aesthetic value of your home but also helps you stay calm and stress-free.

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