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Oh The Organizing I Can Do When I’m Pissed Off

What do you do when you are angry? Do you scream, go for a run, or go for a drive? I organize. I mean, the don’t-stand-in-my-way-where’s-the-trash-can type of organize. You may be wondering how I even thought of this subject or that’s really weird that I organize when I’m pissed.

Oh The Organizing I Can Do When I’m Pissed Off
Oh The Organizing I Can Do When I’m Pissed Off

Let me explain. I think what it really comes down to is giving myself a sense of control or outlet for a situation I am stewing over and feel helpless.

Recently a person that has to be in my life right now is a thorn in my side. Normally I let this person slide off my back but this time he really got my goat and I let him. (Picture steam coming out of my ears)

After a few tears I sat down in my office and proceeded to go through all my paperwork and bills that have been calling my name for a while. After a short period of time I had a paper pile to file, and action pile for the week, a do now pile, a full trashcan and a clear head.

That my friends, is my version of therapy or Zen if you will, of getting in touch with my inner self. My clear head and clutter free, organized space opened up new ideas and options that were otherwise caught up in the cloud of my brain and desk.

Although I cannot change or control the person and their actions. I can control my reaction by directing my energy to something positive. It’s not always easy and sometimes it takes me a day or two to work through the pain and disappointment then move the energy to healing and clarity.

What do you do when you are pissed? How can you direct that energy to something productive? Can you clean, meditate, run, and throw something out? (By throwing out I mean clearing your clutter not all the belongings of the person who made you mad, which is tempting….) Whatever it is, see that it’s for the positive.

Try organizing a drawer, a closet or a corner of your basement. You will notice the clarity that comes to your brain and the satisfaction that warms over you. My anger has subsided and my office is straightened up. All is good with the world.

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