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Open House Success: How Do I Get More Traffic to My House Showing?

Has your house been sitting on the market for much longer than the usual 60-day turnaround time for US real estate?

Have you upgraded the interiors, installed a new garage door, and followed all the advice on improving its curb appeal, to no avail?

image - How Do I Get More Traffic to My House Showing?
How Do I Get More Traffic to My House Showing?

Perhaps you’re unknowingly putting obstacles in the path of potential homebuyers who should be flocking to view your home. Perhaps you just need some tips for a good open house marketing plan.

These are some of the answers to the question, “how do I get more traffic to my house and sell it faster”.

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Think Big(ger)

If your daily internet searches include the term ‘how to sell my house fast‘ with surprising regularity, it’s time to take action. Here’s how to create an open house extravaganza that’s irresistible to potential home buyers.

Get together with other sellers in your neighborhood and arrange a mass event promoting open houses on your block.

Make sure you publicize the event all over town using flyers, an ad in your local newspaper, and advertising on local social media news pages.

To sweeten the attraction, create a carnival atmosphere on the day. Put up balloons and streamers, order several bunches of flowers, hire a clown to entertain the crowds, and provide refreshments at each open house.

Be Flexible

Arranging any time showings can help get more buyers to an open house. Set up a lockbox at the entrance to your property so that your agent can access your house at any time of the day on a ”call first” basis.

To pull this off, you’ll need to keep your house in a state of show readiness around the clock. You will make it a lot easier for potential buyers to see your home when it’s convenient for them though.

This innovation gives more people access to your home when it’s convenient for them without disrupting your routine. Out-of-town buyers, in particular, may not be in the area during your ‘official’ open day.

Market More

The more people know about your home, the better, so why not go the extra mile when it comes to marketing. Listing your home with an agent and leaving it at that won’t help your home to stand out amongst the others.

Making e-flyers is one of the easiest and cheapest open house tips to market your property to a wide audience.

Another engaging and trendy marketing plan is to create real estate videos that show all the good sides of your property that can eventually get more traffic to your open house event. Once you’ve crafted your masterpiece share it far and wide on social media and via email to real estate agents in town, or nearby.

Think Beyond Getting More Traffic to My House

Work out a limited-time offer to sweeten the deal for prospective buyers.

You can offer to pay some of the interest on the buyer’s mortgage rate for a specified time. Alternatively, offer to pre-pay insurance and taxes for a year if they buy your house within a specified time frame.

Another tip is to sacrifice a portion of your selling price to pay some of the buyer’s closing costs.

By using these tactics, you increase your chances of making a sale quickly without having to worry about how to get more people to an open house.

Get More of the Best Tips

Before you can address the issue of, ‘how do I get more traffic to my house? you need to make your home the best it can be.

Keep reading our blog for more ways to upgrade your home’s interior and exterior characteristics for an effortless sale.

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