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How to Make Blackout Blinds

Blackout curtains or blackout blinds are the same products with different names. The role of these curtains is to block the light so that the person enjoys their privacy without any light.

They have this light woven fabric that helps to regulate the light levels of the room. These curtains do not only create darkness but also give a fantastic look to the room.

Blackout blinds are mainly used to protect the living space but can be used in any house.

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How to Make Blackout Blinds

Purchasing Blackout Blinds Can Be Expensive

Blackout curtains are seen to be pretty expensive. They are the perfect choice for the people who do not want to settle down on something everlasting. For those who do not look for installing it permanently, the blackout curtains are the perfect thing for them.

In addition, the person is supposed to install all of them by themselves, so why not get all the materials and make their own blackout blind instead of buying an expensive one.

Ways to Make Your Own Blackout Blind

Rather than using the blackout curtain, one can use the liner to reduce the light in your space. You can even fix the blackout liner to the current curtain, which is already there, particularly if the person wants to enhance the darkness in their room.

The blackout blinds do not mean using dark colors but using thick fabric to block the excess outdoor natural light, which is quite annoying to some people.

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Material Needed for Making Blackout Blind

There are few things needed to make the own blackout blind, and that too with much lower price than buying the readymade one. The materials required are present below.

  1. Two pine moldings.
  2. Flat fold leather furnishing fabric.
  3. One roll of cloth type.
  4. Heavy wooden dowels.
  5. Cordless drill.
  6. Measuring tape.
  7. Hammer.

The person is supposed to start measuring the window area, which is needed to cover with the blindfold and write down the measurements on the paper.

The fabric should then be cut according to the size measured. And, some people like the curtains pretty broad; they can use a bit more fabric. Then, attach the pine molding and the dowel to the top and bottom of the molding.

When all of this is done, then comes the time to drill the hole halfway along the piece of pine molding and hammering the big nail on the top of the window frame.

Be careful while drilling and hammering the wall. Pick the blind and line up the hole in the pie molding with the nail.

All the extra material on the floor needs to be rolled up around the dowel and put up against the wall. Use cloth tape to make sure the dowel stays in the right place.

The Final Points on Blackout Blinds

With this, the blackout blind is ready effortlessly and cheaply. The curtains play a vital role in the room when it comes to privacy, the outlook of the room, and the attractiveness it brings out.

Blackout blinds can block the outside light perfectly, and when one person likes to live in a dark room, blackout curtains are the perfect choice for them to install.