Featured of How Pedicure is More Beneficial than You Thought

How Pedicure is More Beneficial than You Thought

Many people visit spa or salons either for some hair fix, a good body or foot massage, or just to sit back fully on a pedicure chair with pipeless jets for a soothing pedicure service.

With the growing number of population acknowledging the vitality of healthy feet, it’s no wonder that there is a 75% rise in the number of salons in America alone. And undeniably, more people are getting hooked in pedicure not just because it grooms the nails, it gives that therapeutic massage or because of the enjoyment but also because of its health benefits.

How Pedicure is More Beneficial than You Thought

Pedicure Chair

How Pedicure is More Beneficial than You Thought

A basic pedicure includes soaking of the feet in warm water, foot exfoliation, lotion or oil massage, and usually ends with nail care which includes nail clipping, shaping, and polishing. To sum up, here are why pedicure is more beneficial than you might have thought:

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  1. Pedicure Exfoliates the Skin

As the foot is frequently in closed shoes or socks, the lack of moisture dries the skin up. Constant friction or pressure on certain areas like the heels also causes calluses. It’s one of the areas where dead skin easily builds up.

Sans regular exfoliation, the feet can become drier and more cracked. But thanks to a pedicure, you can now get rid of your foot calluses and dry skin. Some salons use Epsom salt soak to initially loosen up the skin. Different kinds of foot scrubs and other add-ons like paraffin wax, pumice stones for a smoother skin may also be offered.

  1. Pedicure Helps Release Muscle Tension

This will help you feel more rejuvenated, relaxed, and energized.

  1. Pedicure Cleanses the Feet

As your feet are naturally exposed to pollution and dirt, getting a pedicure at least twice a month will help renew your skin for a softer and silkier feel.

  1. Pedicure Improves Blood Circulation

During the foot massage, lymph nodes which help your blood flow the toxins out of your body tend to circulate better.

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing

All the clipping, shaping, and polishing which groom the toenails make it worth it.

  1. A pedicure is a Soothing and Relaxing Treat

If you want to pamper yourself, a pedicure is one of the best yet inexpensive choices you should try. Not only does it give your nails a fancy look, but it also helps in relaxing your body and mind. Without paying a fortune, you get instant access to awesome stress and anxiety relievers.

Types of Pedicure

Different pedicure service types have been introduced throughout the world and most of these are now made available in salons, spa centers, and hotels. If it feels like you had too much of the classic/regular pedicure, below are special types of pedicure worth checking out:

  1. Gel Pedicure

Gel pedicure is pretty much like the regular one but here, a gel type of nail polish is used which promises a long-lasting polish that does not chip. It’s the second most affordable pedicure type but the downside is when the gel polish is removed, the nail dries up more.

  1. French Pedicure

French pedicure process, just like any other pedicure, starts with foot soaking, scrubbing, exfoliating, nail trimming, cleaning, and polishing but this time, tips of the toenails are painted white while the rest is painted with any pink or nude color.

  1. Stone Pedicure

Choose this type of pedicure if you want a more therapeutic foot massage. Here, after the foot is soaked in warm water, hot stone with soothing essential oils is rubbed on the foot, reducing more muscle tension on your legs and feet. And then the typical nail grooming follows.

  1. Spa Pedicure

The spa pedicure is a more advanced form of classic pedicure where it adds aromatherapy oil to the footbath. After the soaking, the pedicurist proceeds by scrubbing off the calluses on the feet, some hot towel wrap and paraffin dips.

The spa pedicure is named as such because it can only be carried out in a private environment so that the client can feel ultra-pampered and relaxed.

  1. Chocolate Pedicure

If you are a chocolate lover, you got to love this kind of pedicure. Basically, it makes use of chocolate in everything: chocolate foot mask, chocolate foot soak, chocolate lotion, and chocolate-colored nail polish in the end.

As cocoa is a natural moisturizer, skin firmer, and a powerful antioxidant, it makes the pedicure experience all the more beneficial and therapeutic.

  1. Wine Pedicure

In wine pedicure, wine serves as the footbath. Wines have rejuvenating antioxidants. Hence, with it in the bath, feet’s cuticles are likely to soften. After the soaking, usual pedicure steps then follow.

  1. Margarita Pedicure

Want lime better than wine? Well, with Margarita pedicure, you can have lime as your footbath instead. This and salt scrub and lime-based oil massage with a good nail grooming, in the end, will surely make the experience silly remarkable.

  1. Shanghai Pedicure

Though blades and other sharp tools for the skin exfoliation are highly discouraged, they are still being used in this expensive type of pedicure. But this time, you can guarantee that only skilled pedicurists are allowed to perform the procedure.

Pedicurists particularly use blades and sharp scalpels to whittle the feet. Dangerous as it may seem, Shanghai pedicure has apparently become top fashion editors’ favorite when they want specific issues like ingrown toenails, calluses, and dry skin addressed.

  1. Milk and Honey Pedicure

Milk and honey procedure is a fancy kind of pedicure that uses warm milk footbath for an extra relaxing feel. After the soak, sugar scrub-based exfoliation follows. The procedure then ends with a honey mask for the feet to look extra moisturized.

  1. Fish Pedicure

Fish pedicure has the same purpose as the classic pedicure but the way of implementing it is different. In this type, the foot is soaked in water with small carb fishes and it is these fishes who will eat the calluses and dry skin off your feet and toes.

Fish pedicure which can cure eczema and psoriasis was first practiced in Iran, Turkey, and Syria but was later on adopted in many other countries.

  1. Ice Cream Pedicure

The latest type of pedicure ever conceptualized is ice cream pedicure. This pedicure procedure that uses an ice-cream shaped bath ball has recently gained popularity for its aromatics, vitamins, and minerals as this help soften the feet more. After the scrubbing, an ice cream sandwich pumice is then used; one side for softening, and the other for buffing.

Others offer a different kind of ice cream pedicure where ice cream is used for moisture treatment or massage. More often than not, the procedure ends with red painted toenails.

Whether you want a regular pedicure for feet cleansing and nail grooming or you want to go extra by trying out a special type of pedicure, make sure the salon or spa you’re about to visit has complete facilities and hygienic pedicure practices. As the common saying goes, “safety first!”.

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