Around 63% of all households have a garage of sorts. Some people may use it as an extra storage unit while others simply park their car and forget about it the rest of the time.

But there are plenty of ways you can remodel your garage to be another part of your house.

Here is everything you need to know on how to remodel a garage.

image - How to Remodel a Garage A Guide for Homeowners

How to Remodel a Garage A Guide for Homeowners

Consider What You’re Remodeling For

Before you start¬†designing a garage, consider what you’re remodeling for. Are you looking for an entertainment space, to keep the garage as a garage, or to get your fitness on?

Answering these questions will give you guidance on what type of flooring you need to buy for your home garage remodel.

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Add Insulation, New Flooring, and Paint

Once you’ve decided on the purpose of designing a garage, you can start the remodeling process. You’ll want to start with adding insulation, new flooring, and a paint job.

These are standard modifications that any remodeled garage will have, regardless of the purpose of the remodel. To get help with the flooring portion of your project done, contact Garage Force.

Add a Loft to Your Garage

Looking to give yourself extra square footage of living space in your home? Consider adding a loft above your garage if it’s detached.

Aloft can give someone a bedroom, an entertainment area, or even a simple hideaway.

You can go the extra mile and hook up an extra kitchen and start the process of renting it out as a small home or Airbnb.

This is a great way to turn your garage into a source of income and recuperate the cost of remodeling a garage.

Put In a Home Gym

If you’ve decided to start tackling fitness from home, you can opt to turn your garage into a home gym.

Ensure you have the right flooring to withstand heavy weights getting dropped on it.

You also might want to add soundproofing to the garage gym, as things can get noisy and disrupt others throughout the house.

You can get decently creative with your home gym as well. Add in a pegboard for wall climbs, hang a rope for rope climbing, or add a punching bag.

Once the gym is finished, you can go and cancel your gym membership and start making back the money you put into the garage.

Learning How to Remodel a Garage Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Now that you know how to remodel a garage, what are you waiting for? Your garage offers a place to store your stuff, whether it’s items you no longer use or your car.

Turn it into a useful space that you’re proud to show people when they enter your humble abode.

Want to learn more about remodeling different areas around the house? Check out the rest of the blog on different remodeling ideas and the processes involved.

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