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Comfortable and Stylish: How to Choose the Perfect Sofa for your Home

Your sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. Aside from your bed, it is the place you will likely spend the most time, and you need it to be both comfy to sit on and suitably stylish to fit in with your tastes and expectations.

Of course, because there are literally thousands of options to consider, actually picking a sofa that you love is an uphill struggle.

So here are some helpful tips that will let you narrow down your options and find your dream sofa today.

image - Comfortable and Stylish: How to Choose the Perfect Sofa for your Home
Comfortable and Stylish: How to Choose the Perfect Sofa for your Home

Consider the Space

The first factor to think about is the size and shape of the space in which your sofa will sit.

This can immediately eliminate a lot of unsuitable options, either because they are too large, or because they will sit awkwardly in your living room.

Grab a tape measure, determine the maximum and minimum size of a suitable sofa and use this as your guide.

Most good retailers will let you filter according to dimensions, which will make things easier.

Another option is to choose a modular sofa, like those discussed on Living Cozy, as these give you extra flexibility and can fit into corners and nooks, maximizing your use of the available space without making compromises.

Compare Fabric Types

As with all aspects of sofa design, there are several fabrics to consider, each of which will give you a different look and feel, as well as a different level of durability.

Do you opt for leather upholstery, whether genuine or faux, to get that classic look that is also hard-wearing? Do you pick a synthetic fabric that will survive wear and tear such as spills and sun exposure? Do you select a natural fabric that is sustainable and luxurious, but could be more prone to damage?

This decision will partly be informed by your own tastes, and partly by the practicalities of your domestic situation.

Busy family homes might prioritize long-lasting fabrics, while couples without pets could look to more natural alternatives.

Colors and patterns can also help or hinder the durability of a sofa; lighter hues show dirt, but if the cushion covers are removable and can be washed, this is less of an issue.

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Think About the Rest of Your Furniture

While your sofa will likely be the largest piece of furniture in your living room, it still needs to be considered in the context of the other pieces that you have added to space over the years.

This is particularly pertinent when it comes to styling. If you have a lot of vintages and retro-inspired furniture in the room, yet you pick a sofa that is thoroughly contemporary in its looks, then it will stick out like a sore thumb.

And of course, the same idea applies in the opposite scenario; a single vintage piece in the middle of a modern home will be especially incongruous.

The age of your property could also influence your choice, as home designs have changed over the decades and it pays to match your furniture to this as well, especially if the décor calls for it.

That is not to say you need to play things completely by the book. Rather it is sensible to make sure that the style of your new sofa compliments its stable mates as much as possible.

Leave the more outlandish combos to the interior design pros!

Take your Sofa for a Test Drive If Possible

In the age of ubiquitous online deliveries, more people than ever are buying sofas from the web without ever having seen them in the flesh.

However, if you have the opportunity to actually sit down on a prospective sofa purchase, this should be grasped.

It is not only about letting you see whether it holds up to scrutiny from an aesthetic perspective, but also about letting you sit down and actually see how comfortable it is in person.

This is still the best way to make a decision about a sofa, but the growing number of firms that offer augmented reality apps to let you see how it will look in situ if you are buying online could give you the peace of mind you need if there is no alternative.