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3 Practical Tips to Choose Perfect Sofa Color for Your Living Room

Choosing the color of a sofa is a stressful task, especially if you don’t have any experience in designing interiors. Not only does a sofa provide you with a cozy and comfortable seating area, but it is also a major functional home decor element of the living room.

image - 3 Practical Tips to Choose Perfect Sofa Color for Your Living Room
3 Practical Tips to Choose Perfect Sofa Color for Your Living Room

Many homeowners and interior designers select the sofa for their living room first, then decorate the entire space in accordance with it.

Whether you are looking for a sofa color in an already decorated living room or adding the sofa as a focal point to decorate the room around it, choosing its color is an important yet daunting task.

Therefore, to simplify your color choosing decision, we present you with the 3 most practical tips that will enable you to select the perfect sofa color for your living room.

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1. Explore Your Color Options

After deciding the type of sofa you prefer in your living room, the next step would be to pick its color. Elements that impact the color of your sofa are the walls and the floor.

The safest approach is to pick the sofa color that matches your walls. This strategy is effective if you’re going with a monotone color scheme for your living room.

If the walls of your room are grey, pick the exact colored sofa or a variant of it, then accessorize it with accent cushions for a pop of color and to break the color monotony of the room.

The next element is your floor. Will your sofa blend perfectly with your wooden flooring or dark-colored carpet, or will they clash? Ideally, a dark shade of sofa on a dark flooring isn’t suitable as it would appear to disappear.

You can either place a light color rug underneath the sofa or use metal legs for the sofa to separate the dark colors and make the sofa more visible.

For light-colored floorings such as beige or white pick dark or complementary colors; such as burgundy or violet to make your living room sofa an excellent focal point.

2. Reflect on the Existing Colors and Patterns of Your Room

If your living room is already painted and decorated, it makes it easier for you to select the sofa. A sofa that matches and complements the decoration of your room and walls, gives the living room a cohesive look.

This creative idea is as simple as it is practical because it is much easier to pick a sofa while following the living room color theme compared to designing the entire living room as per the chosen sofa.

Carefully study the color theme of your living room and select the colors that complement the existing color scheme of the living room. You can also go with a textured sofa fabric or a tufted sofa if the walls are textured to enhance the character of the room further.

To make your living room pleasant while trying to seamlessly blend the decor with sofa can be tricky, but with careful execution, it gives the room a sense of personal style and creates a harmonious look that could easily be chosen for an interior decor magazine.

3. Consider the Usage of the Sofa

Another important factor when deciding the color of your sofa is to consider how it will be used and how many people will use it. Living room sofas are used every day and typically are exposed to a lot of wear and tear.

But, if you have a living room especially to entertain formal guests and a separate one for your family, then you have color options to explore.

It isn’t ideal to pick a light-colored sofa if it’ll be used daily by the members of your house because it’ll easily be stained and torn by the kids or pets. But, for your guest living room, you can choose light colors like beige, white, or greys.

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