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How to Reset Baxi Boiler

Knowing how to reset the Baxi boiler is essential for any homeowner invested in this type of heating system.

Many issues can arise when using a Baxi boiler, but one of the most common problems that people experience is an inability to get their heating to fire up again after it goes out.

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How to Reset Baxi Boiler

This state occurs mainly when you are away from home, asleep at night or perhaps your house is empty and up for sale and you’re wondering if your boiler has broken.

In this article, you’ll learn how to reset Baxi boilers and what to avoid ensuring you won’t damage the equipment, and rest assured that your boiler is not about to break down.

Step By Step Guide of Resetting Baxi Boilers

The steps below should be executed immediately if the boiler doesn’t fire up so that your Baxi boiler will work properly again right away.

Turn Off the Boiler

If you find yourself in this scenario, the first thing that you should do is turn off all external switches apart from the button located on top of your control panel.

This switch needs to be switched back to the “On” position to restart the boiler. If you are not able to do this yourself, ask a friend or neighbor for help.

Check Error Indicator

Once your Baxi boiler has been turned off again, check the indicator on your control panel for error messages. Look at whether there is an energy failure indicated by an E5 symbol that will require resetting the device before it will work again.

Press all of your buttons except “Boost” and hold them in until they begin to flash while contained within five seconds.

Then release each button one at a time more than three seconds apart from each other. After doing this, turn off your external switch once again, and you can begin to use your Baxi boiler again.

Get a Gas Fitter

If the error message persists even after you have followed the previous steps, it is time to consider getting a gas fitter in to help you with your problem. The service will last approximately an hour and cost around £75, which you should be prepared for if this happens.

A professional will come out and fix any number of things that could be going wrong, from resetting a circuit breaker or replacing a part inside the boiler itself, depending on what the issue is exactly.

They will also ensure that everything runs smoothly, so you don’t run into another problem within 24 hours of having your work done on your device by replacing worn-out parts on occasion while cleaning and servicing your unit.

Knowing how to reset a Baxi boiler is useful when you find yourself having problems with your device. Follow the above steps to ensure that you can get up and running again quickly in a problem scenario.

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What You Should Not Do to Baxi Boiler to Avoid Damaging Them Beyond Repair

Baxi boiler owners are aware that this home appliance needs to be continually serviced. However, many of them don’t know that there are only particular services suitable for their models.

The other problem with Baxi boiler owners is that they do not reset or repair the boilers by themselves.

Instead, they rely on whoever comes to perform these services. This can be quite dangerous because it can lead to serious inconveniences and even accidents in the worst-case scenario.

Owners need to ensure their properties are well-maintained by understanding what should or should not be done when servicing this device. Here are things that owners should avoid doing, or else their property will suffer from irreparable damages.

Do Not Touch the Gas Safety Device

The gas safety device of any home appliance is both dangerous and delicate; it has to be handled by people who are trained or authorized for the job.

Owners should not attempt to do this themselves because they will end up damaging it beyond repair. They can, however, hire a professional plumber who can come in and inspect its current state so they can recommend which resolution would best suit the problem at hand. This way, owners are assured that their boiler continues to run without problems.

Do Not Touch Red Hot Parts

This includes all the elements within the Baxi machine itself because if they are damaged during servicing processes, they will have no other choice but to replace them.

The part with the most damage is often the pump; if it is replaced, owners will pay more for this procedure than expected. Owners need to make sure they understand what can happen if parts are handled carelessly to avoid these unnecessary costs.

Do Not Maintain the Repair Unless You are Skilled

There are many reasons why owners should never try to do this job on their own, especially if they have no idea about how something works in the first place.

Replacing or repairing faulty elements can be challenging even for experienced professionals who deal with these machines every day of their working lives.

Owners always hire a professional service provider for this kind of thing because they know that they are the only ones who can do it right.

Do Not Replace Worn Out Parts with Other Types/ Model of Spare Parts

The fan motor is one of the most critical components of any Baxi boiler. If the motor is broken or damaged, owners need to make sure they don’t replace it with a new one.

Instead, they should try finding an original replacement instead of buying something new off the shelf, although unfortunately, these parts cannot be replaced.

However, some retailers sell second-hand parts at wholesale prices so that homeowners will have enough money left over to buy brand new elements when necessary. Owners should always check their stock before calling in expert services for maintenance works.

Do Not Try to Fix or Replace Parts Without a Gas Safe Engineer’s Approval

There is no question that this should be the cardinal rule of maintaining a Baxi boiler, but owners sometimes decide not to do it anyway. This can lead to serious problems in the long run because elements could always malfunction when they are least expected to.

Unfortunately, there will be times where a homeowner will have no other choice but to call in these services because accidents could happen while they work on other things.

So, if owners find out that something is wrong with their appliances for some reason, they need to make sure it gets checked by a professional who can identify all the possible risks and troubleshoot them fast so they can come up with a solution.

Do Not Take Off the Whole Boiler

If there is something wrong with the Baxi machine, owners should never attempt to fix it by taking out or removing all parts from inside as this is very difficult according to this article “how difficult is it to move a boiler”.

This method may work for minor problems. But if significant issues arise, they will have no other choice but to call in experts as soon as possible because replacement components can be costly and may require extra labor hours to do this task properly.

Owners also risk making things worse which means more money is spent on troubleshooting services later on. It is always better safe than sorry when it comes to home maintenance!

Do Not Drop a New Part into a Device That’s Still Hot

The gas safety device requires a bit of working time to achieve certain temperatures, and owners should never think about replacing elements if it is still hot because they run the risk of getting burned.

Depending on the extent of damage, sometimes there’s no way around it because the element must be replaced by other pre-approved parts from your local Baxi service center.

Do Not Force Open Valves That are Stuck in Place

Owners tend to ignore this fact, but they always need to consult experts before taking any action because opening a valve while it’s locked in position can cause serious problems.

The heating boiler requires different maintenance tasks for each section, so owners need professional help when handling these procedures, or else there could always be a big mess later on.

It is one of the most common mistakes that can be made when working with equipment like these, but it will also be the biggest problem that owners need to face.

Do Not Try to Use Your Baxi Boilers for Something Else

This is a common mistake because people think they are multi-functional devices that can do all kinds of things.

However, this is not true because these units have their operating specifications, which means owners cannot just use them for anything without getting into trouble later on.

This may seem pretty obvious, but many homeowners tend to forget about this fact, so maintenance services are almost always needed after ten years or more of continuous service!

Do Not Keep Your Equipment Turned on Ignoring Its Age Restrictions

Baxi boilers are great heating appliances for homes, and owners should always feel proud to own such a device.

But they must also be aware that these units have an age restriction that dictates when it is time to replace them with something new.

No matter how good they are, all types of equipment will eventually fail no matter what, so homeowners cannot hope for anything better than professional services when they finally see the light.

As expected, this is not limited to Baxi boilers but any other brands because most manufacturers provide similar guidelines in their product manuals.

So, if you need help adjusting your home heating system, then it’s best to call in professionals instead of doing things by yourself.