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How to Set Up Your Home Office

There are many things to consider when setting up a home office.

From finding just the right space, getting the equipment you want and need, and keeping it all neat-looking and on a budget are all things to think about.

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How to Set Up Your Home Office

With more people working from home these days, there is even a possibility that more than one adult in a household needs an office space.

Thankfully, there are many home office products, such as desk organizers, cable clips, and desk configurations that can help make it happen.

Best Way to Set Up a Home Office

There are two main parts to setting up your home office. First, you need to find your perfect location. In making that decision, you’ll want to consider who else uses the spaces in your home.

Add privacy to your office space as needed. This could be as simple as closing a door with a door hanger or could include a freestanding room divider.

Once you’ve picked your spot, you’ll be able to pick the right desk and other equipment for space and your needs. You’ll need to consider getting the home office tools that are necessary for the job you’re doing.

You’ll want to consider equipment for your personal needs as well. This could include a comfortable chair; computer stands that put screens at eye level; or wrist supports if you will be doing a lot of typing.

Finally, you’ll need to consider how space looks aesthetically. Using desk organizers and adding personal touches can help make a space functional and beautiful at the same time.

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Do You Need a Separate Room?

Your home office does not need to be in its own separate room. There are a variety of home office tools that can help you integrate your office into other shared spaces.

Mobile desks on wheels allow you to roll your office to an out-of-the-way space when not in use. If you have a dedicated area in a shared room, you could use a stationary desk with a freestanding room divider to keep things separate.

A Good Size for a Home Office

The size of your office depends in part on the amount of equipment that you need to do your job. If you just need a laptop, you could fit your office into the size of a standard coat closet.

If you need several screens, a computer, a printer, and a file cabinet, you’ll need to plan for at least eight feet by 6 feet.

If your space is limited, but you still need a lot of equipment, consider using shelving or under the desk organization. Another consideration is whether you will need to meet with clients in your home office.

If the answer is yes, then you will need to take that into account when planning your space and equipment.

Will you need a separate desk for meetings than where you do your work? If so, you will need to add an additional 25-50 square feet to accommodate an additional desk and up to two clients.

A Home Office in Your Bedroom?

Putting a home office in the corner of a bedroom may be a great solution to working from home when space is limited.

If you know that no one else will need the room during your work hours, this can provide an easy and fast way to get started.

If you keep your work-space well-organized, it should not take-away from the overall look of the room.

If you need more equipment, a larger space, or need to meet clients, putting your office in your bedroom may not be appropriate.

You also may enjoy the separation from work that a dedicated space can provide.


There are many products that can help you design and set up your perfect home office space. Mobile or multilevel desks can help fit a large amount of equipment in small spaces.

Desk organizers and cable clips help keep everything neat and functional. Special computer mounts, chairs, screen covers, and wrist supports can help keep you comfortable while you work. Finally, artwork and personal touches can add personality and beauty to your space as well as help it coordinate with the overall look of your home.

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