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Home Is Where the Desk Is: 5 Must-Know Tips for the Best Home Office Setup

More and more people found themselves working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. Are you one of the 24 percent that would like to keep working from home?

Having that 30-second commute can be a real advantage as long as you have a proper spot to get your work done. It’s time to get the best home office setup to minimize distractions, promote creativity, and increase your production. Follow these tips for setting up your home office.

image - Home Is Where the Desk Is: 5 Must-Know Tips for the Best Home Office Setup
Home Is Where the Desk Is: 5 Must-Know Tips for the Best Home Office Setup

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  1. Find a Dedicated and Quiet Space

Getting distracted can really decrease productivity—whether it’s your kids, pets, or tv. When setting up a home office, find the quietest area in your home away from life’s hustle and bustle.

If you don’t have extra space, consider getting a room divider to give yourself some privacy. You will have to set up guidelines and visual ques with family members when you can’t be disturbed such as an “In a Meeting” or “Do Not Disturb” sign, so they know not to bother you during calls and meetings.

  1. Get the Right Light

It’s vital that you don’t overlook the lighting when you set up your home office. You don’t want to strain your eyes.

Try to set up your home office where you get as much natural light as possible. Natural light can boost your productivity and save energy.

If you don’t have enough natural light, you should get some lamps. Overhead lighting may cause glare on your computer screen. Try a task lamp, so you can shine the light where needed.

  1. Support Your Eyes

Next, you want to make sure everything is at a level where you can see properly and not have to slouch to see. You want your spine to always stay in the neutral position. This means your monitor screen should be right at or slightly below eye level.

The monitor should also not be too close to your face. This means it should be at least 20 inches away from your eyes.

You may need to purchase a stand for your monitor or devices such as the VESA stand, so it is at the right level. This can allow you to also glance at multiple screens if needed.

  1. Incorporate Your Style

Designing your space for your taste can help improve productivity and happiness according to a recent study. What style do you prefer—a modern country, bright art deco, urban, or shabby chic? This means finding some artwork to inspire you.

Add some personal items to keep you motivated. Individual touches can make you more comfortable.

  1. Storage

Don’t let your home office suffer from clutter. When your workspace is free of clutter, you can think more clearly.

Storage is key to help you prevent a buildup on your desk. Try using decorative baskets, filing cabinets, and shelves to maximize all storage. Clean up your office after each day, so you have a clean desk for the following morning.

You can also get storage bins to pack your office away at night if you share the space with other family members.

Get Your Best Home Office Setup

Follow these tips for the best home office setup to start working today. You can be productive from home with the right environment.

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