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Helping Your Garden Grow: How to Choose a Garden Irrigation System

Most irrigation systems for gardens are soak, drip, or spray. Trying to decide which one is the best one for your garden’s growing needs is like trying to solve a puzzle which changes daily. That’s because the garden irrigation system needs to change with your landscape, the season, etc.

Helping Your Garden Grow - How to Choose a Garden Irrigation System
Helping Your Garden Grow, How to Choose a Garden Irrigation System

What’s more, your garden’s needs are provided by soaking, dripping, and spraying. Gardens are never constant in their needs, because the soil, weather, and water impact them. We are going to try to give you the facts, information, and details about each of the garden irrigation systems.

This article will allow you to make your own decision about how to best set up the irrigation system which will work best in your garden.

Garden Drip Irrigation System

Many professional gardeners swear by garden drip irrigation systems. They swear by water drip irrigation systems because you can make your system as easy as hosing down your garden with water.

You can also make a sophisticated and water-worthy irrigation system which has a network of tubes weaving through a maze of rows to water.

There are some unique factors with garden drip irrigation systems. Some factors which the other garden irrigation systems don’t have. They are;

  • Conserves water because it puts water exactly where it is needed
  • Delivers water in a slow and even manner allowing the soil to absorb the water fully
  • It saves time because it is easier to open a valve than be the person standing and holding a hose to water for minutes at a time
  • You can set up an automatic timer, so you don’t even have to be home
  • You can apply fertilizer with your water through a drip irrigation system
  • Works better to curtail diseases in your foliage

Garden drip irrigation systems work better at disease control because it is when leaves are soaked, that wet diseases thrive. Drip irrigation systems eliminate the foliage from being wet and apply water directly on the soil beneath your plants.

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Soaker Hose

To determine if a soaker hose system is best for your garden’s irrigation system, you must understand your garden’s landscape needs. Is your garden on a small hilltop? It might be your garden is planted on the side of the hill where water flows downward and holds at the bottom. These things matter when selecting your garden irrigation system.

Soaker hoses are made from old, recycled tires. They are rough on the outside but have millions of tiny hole pores in them. It is these hole pore which allows the water to go into the soil slowly. The soaker hose has advantages like the drip irrigation system. They are;

  • Ability to wet the soil evenly and at a slow rate
  • There is no water lost to evaporation
  • The water always goes directly to the roots of your plants
  • They keep the soil moist, but they never drown your plants in too much water
  • Again, they work well at keeping plant root diseases to a minimum because they keep water even and spread out

The one thing gardeners need to be aware of is a soaker hose can quit doing its job even when you have the water turned on. That is because they can leak, weep, or ooze.

Some get calcium deposits which plug up some of them. You can read more here to find out how to tell how your soaker hose is doing. It may need maintenance or be replaced.

Sprinkler Hose

Sprinkler hoses are known as a hybrid between soaker hoses and sprinklers. In theory, they work well as they are merging two effective irrigation systems for your garden. Sprinkler hoses are also covered in tiny pore holes which release water at a steady rate.

Rather than dripping the water into the soil, it sprays the water in a large area swath along the length of the hose. The sprinkler hose works best if you have a narrow or small yard. Or a yard that sweeps around a curved driveway.

Most can only wet an area about 20 feet wide. Sometimes they can go wider or smaller if you adjust the water pressure. The main benefits to sprinkler hoses are;

  • They are easy to use and install on your hose
  • They are flexible and movable to whatever area you need to be watered
  • They can be fully automated or moved around by hand
  • They are inexpensive and can be used in anyone’s yard or garden

The problem with sprinkler hoses is they are getting blocked by plants, trees, or other objects sometimes. When that occurs, they leave some plants overwatered and others completely dry.

Garden Irrigation System

You may feel about your garden irrigation system choices like cooks feel about selecting the best recipes. Sometimes there is something to be said for all of them. But when you need to know which one is best for your garden, we have the information you need.

You can find which water irrigation system works best in your yard and fits your needs. You can do this by conducting an easy experiment. You need a couple of soaker hoses which you snake through your garden’s bed of roses or vegetables, or whatever you have.

Make sure you pin them in place with wire garden pins and cover it all up with mulch. Don’t use soil as it won’t gauge your experiment well. The mulch also reduces moisture loss. Connect the hoses to the nearest faucet and take them out after enough days have gone by where you can see what results in your plants are receiving.

Garden Irrigation System and Maintenance

What many people forget about until it’s almost too late is every garden irrigation system needs maintenance. You cannot get an irrigation system in place and then think it will work magic on your garden or yard for the next year or so and never provide maintenance.

We deliver professional reticulation services to both commercial and residential clients. We are industry leaders and can help you get the best results with any irrigation system you have. Reach out to us today, and let’s find out what high-quality results we can get for you.

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  • It’s necessary to have a good garden watering system. There are many mosquitoes in the summer. If you stay in the garden for a long time, you may get bitten. It’s too cold in winter.