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How to Make Your Kitchen Cabinetry More Modern

What does it take to get the modern kitchen look in your kitchen without making it look too sterile? There’s a fine line that you need to take when giving your kitchen the modern touch.

First, we’ll look at the basics of what makes any kitchen look modern. Then I’ll introduce some ideas that can be good cost-effective remodeling solutions that look like you spent much more.

Perhaps this short introduction guide can inspire you further with ideas of your own.

image - How to Make Your Kitchen Cabinetry More Modern
How to Make Your Kitchen Cabinetry More Modern

What Makes a Kitchen Modern?

The modern kitchen does cover a lot of themes but more often than not, it’s sleek and shiny. Just like what we imagine to be the future, all lines are reduced to smooth surfaces. There are often flat cabinets with hidden openings with rich smooth wooden colors.

Perhaps in the future, we will see a lot more of digitally printed wood surfaces. But not limited to wood since gray, black, white, and beige are all stunning modern colors.

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Lighting is Essential

image - Lighting is Essential

If the kitchen light doesn’t have a distinct bright morning glow to daylight white, your modern kitchen isn’t lit right. The popularity of LED lights can be hidden above hanging cabinets, stowed above with recessed lighting spots, and under-the-counter LED strips.

Not enough to need sunglasses but clean enough to see the very last crumb on the counter. Any modern kitchen will take advantage of accent lighting where it can make counters and dead space come alive.

The Ever-popular Breakfast Nook/prep Island

No matter what the configuration of your kitchen may be, there’s always room for a breakfast nook. If it can be attached to a kitchen island, then you’ve hit jackpot. The kitchen of the future is always ready to serve as an assembly line.

Once again, it’s not limited to rounded corner tables either. Make use of those areas where an island doubles as food prep and meal area.

Make Everything Sleek

The soft shine of clean surfaces is the hallmark of any modern kitchen and for a reason. It helps to reflect light that can reflect on everything else. The idea is to make your kitchen as well-lit as possible using surfaces that reflect light.

The easiest way is with smooth surfaces no matter what the color, but obviously the lighter the better. Darker surfaces are simply harder to light because they absorb light simply by nature.

Easy Budget Ideas that Change Your Kitchen’s Look

Add Recessed Lighting and LED Cabinet Accents

It’s easier than ever to install LED lighting if you’re handy with basic wiring and watch helpful troubleshooting tutorial videos. There are many DIY kits for recessed lighting that make it simple to set up modern kitchen lighting.

Many of these can be dimmed with a remote controller, and some even have color-changing abilities for color temperature. Give your kitchen the extra boost of light with easy-to-access kits.

Don’t forget that strip lighting is a great way to increase light reflectivity and modern style. Put them underneath anything dark or dim. How about on top of your cabinets for the light that makes your kitchen look bigger.

Resurface Your Kitchen Furniture

Perhaps it sounds tacky, but some ideas are worth it if you want to see your modernized kitchen on a weekend. Decorative self-adhesive kitchen vinyl does sound very 1960s, but the truth is the technology is better than before.

The new printing technology is very realistic and doesn’t take long to cover old kitchen cabinets and surfaces. Be sure to remove your hinges and install spring-loaded magnet hinges.

These make it fast to push a corner and your cabinet door can be opened. If you’re dedicated to making a modern look happen but aren’t ready for the actual transition, this is very cost-friendly.

Putting a vinyl cover on all your cabinets will immediately give your kitchen the glossy modern look that holds up well. You can get some additional ideas and read a little more here.

image - Redefine Your Counter Space

Redefine Your Counter Space

Countertops that art cluttered look chaotic and crowded, but in the modern kitchen it’s nice and tidy. Remove all the essentials that make your countertops minimalistic as possible.

Break out the items that really shine. Upgrade a coffee maker to the deluxe chrome model you’ve been talking about. If it’s new and interesting and has a reason for being there, that’s a modern countertop stable.

Think of a decorative blender, an elaborate vase for flowers, or a futuristic spice rack tower. But keep it nice and clean with little clutter in between. And throughout a weekend or two, you can have a modern kitchen look easy enough.