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How to Set up (And Fill) Your Home Display Case

Have you ever wanted to give your home that mini-museum feel? A display case could be the perfect solution.

Whether you’re an avid collector or have some regular art in your home, using a display case is a great way to show off your important items.

But where does one start when acquiring and filling a display case? Is it weird to just have one in your home?

image - How to Set up (And Fill) Your Home Display Case
How to Set up (And Fill) Your Home Display Case

That’s where this ultimate guide to setting up and filling your display case comes in. Let’s dive into the top 8 questions you should be asking when acquiring and maintaining a display case.

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  1. Why a Display Case?

First of all, you need to be sure that you want a display case. Display cases offer users a sleek way to show off items that are important to them.

You should use a display case because it provides you with a safe and easy way to, well, display! They’re also usually large and hard to miss, so if you’re really proud of the things you’re putting out, they’ll definitely be at the center of attention.

  1. What Kind Of Case?

Next, you need to settle on the type of case you’re getting. When it comes to display cases, there are tons of different shapes and sizes that could be a great match for you.

The kind of case you choose is a question that also influences others on this list, like where the case will be placed and what will be filling it. You should be considering those questions at the same time as this one to ensure that you’re picking the display case that best does the job for you.

  1. Where’s It Going?

In asking where this display case will be going, you can figure out what type of case will be best for your home. You can also determine where your case will go based off of the kind that you get.

The best way to determine where your display case goes is where you want it to be seen.

Maybe you want it to be the center of attention so you put it in your living room. You might also want to have a “hidden gem” and put your display case in your basement or den.

  1. What’s Being Displayed?

Another question you need to be asking is: “What will go in the display case?”

The contents of a display case can also determine the style and placing of it. Some display cases are meant for art and art projects while others are meant for jewelry or old antiques.

You also might want to have your kids’ art projects proudly on display and keep your unique collected kitchenware as a special easter egg in your basement (or vice versa, depending on the kind of art your children make).

With display cases, it really is all about what goes inside!

  1. Who’s Going To See It?

Then you need to start considering who’s going to see this display case.

Who sees it will also influence what you put in it and where you put it. Think about the kinds of people that come to your house on a daily basis.

Do you have family members that come over often and would be interested in seeing the art or antiques that you’re collecting? Or do you often have friends over or even coworkers?

Knowing who is going to see your display case the majority of the time can help you decide where to put it and how to fill it.

  1. How Should It Be Organized?

One of the fun things about having a display case is that you get to be an art curator with it. With a display case, it’s kind of like you get to create an exhibition in your home.

That means you need to put a lot of thought into the details and orientation of your display case. Things that help with making a well-organized display case are keeping a uniform theme to your case.

This can range from anything to a monochrome theme, items from the same place, or the same kinds of items. You also should keep in mind that less is more, so if there’s something you really want to display you should keep it center and declutter around it so that it pulls the most attention.

  1. What About Lighting?

Another factor of setting up your display case is lighting it. You don’t have to add this element, but it does give your display case a special amount of “pop” and a professional look.

You can also light your display case in many different ways that might suit your fancy. Some display cases use LED strip lights, while others use different types of LEDs.

Lighting your display case will help you illuminate it from within so that your collectibles can be seen at any time of day!

  1. How Does It Stand Out?

Finally, you need to think about how your display case will stand out and look unique. When filling your display case, you’ll want to make sure that it echoes originality.

This will be fulfilled when you consider all of the previous questions with how you feel about your display case. Chances are, you’ll already stand out because no many use home display cases, but how original will yours be?

What you put in your display case will obviously be completely “you,” but don’t forget about the little things you can do (like case placement and internal lighting) that can make it even more unique!

Work on Display Case: Take Pride in Your Home

Display cases don’t have to be as complicated as they look in jewelry stores and pawn shops. From a glass display case to a countertop display case, there are tons of different ways to integrate the case into your home.

The difference is that you get to put whatever you want in it and style it in your own original way. If you liked reading this post, keep reading our blog for more!

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