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Bombay Chest: Decorating Suggestions for a Bombay Chest or Trunk

Bombay chest, drawer and trunk sets bring a classic, exotic elegance to any home décor. Practical and beautiful, these pieces can be used for an overall theme, or you can simply find one piece – like a Bombay chest – to dress up any part of your home.

Decorating Suggestions for a Bombay Chest or Trunk
Bombay Chest

Decorating Suggestions for a Bombay Chest or Trunk

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Unique Design

With a design that can be traced back to the French Regency period in the 1700s, the Bombay chest and Bombay trunks are unique looking pieces of furniture.

Unlike other chests of drawers and tables, they have a fat, curved look to them, flaring out a little bit near the bottom. It’s almost a pear shape.

Bombay chests have sets of drawers, and the trunks are essentially coffee tables with storage. But don’t limit yourself to the most basic of definitions.

Furnishing Uses

Bombay chests make great bedroom furnishings since they are quite romantic and elegant looking. And since a Bombay chest has drawers in it, it’s perfect for storing your clothing and personal items.

Bombay trunks can also fit into bedroom furnishings really well, making a great storage bench for at the end of your bed. However, they also fit really well into living rooms and dens as coffee tables.

If you are concerned with matching all your furniture, you can always get a small Bombay chest as an end table.

Trunk Collections
Trunk Collections

Design Uses

You don’t necessarily need a room or a design concept to put a Bombay chest in your house. There are many nooks and crannies that need to be filled, from your entryway to hallways and landings in your stairway. All these places are perfect locations for a Bombay chest.

Bombay chests are often pieces of art in their own right, too, and often have hand painted decorations and flourishes. Floral and seashell patterns are very common, but sometimes they can be very ornate and striking.

Where to Purchase

While there are lots of new Bombay chests being made by a lot of different retailers. But if you really want to add some interest to your decor, you should look for a Bombay chest at a vintage store or online auction houses, like eBay.

If you go with a vintage outlet or an auction house, you will find a Bombay chest that is unique to you, and it will really be a standout piece of furniture in your house.

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