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5 Ideas to Transform Your Garden into A Nice Quiet Spot

Now that autumn has come, it’s time for a garden renovation! Since the hot season is long gone, you can now create a cozy place to cook and have some drinks with friends and family while enjoying the chilly weather.

image - 5 Ideas to Transform Your Garden into A Nice Quiet Spot
5 Ideas to Transform Your Garden into A Nice Quiet Spot

And don’t worry about the costs because there are budget-friendly options that can have the same final results for your garden as expensive products. Plus, you can have fun making a DIY project and involve your family too!

So, prepare your tools and try these five easy ideas for transforming your garden.

Seating Areas

Creating a seating area outdoors will make your garden look welcoming and warm, encouraging you to spend more time in the sun or at gatherings late at night. Your seating zone doesn’t have to be boring, with neutral colors and regular benches. You can have more distinct pieces for different purposes.

For example, you might want to have a table and chair for dining in the area where you’ll cook, but you’ll also need a comfortable outdoor sofa and some armchairs around the coffee table, where people will spend time chatting and having a snack. What’s not to be missed in a garden are hanging seats or hammocks for when someone wants to chill and relax while swinging.

Don’t forget to decorate this area with colorful pillows and knitted throws for when it gets chilly outside. If you have time on your hands, you can make DIY projects to create unique decorations while on a budget.

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Cooking Corner

The most important thing in a cozy garden is the cooking area, where you’ll make delicious foods and prepare snacks for everyone. It’s important to decide where you plan to install your outdoor kitchen and how much space you’re willing to use to design the area. But for an average-size kitchen, you should consider:

  • Storage space for keeping your utensils and cutlery;
  • Countertop prep space for cooking;
  • A grill sized accordingly (you may want a bigger one);

If you want to save money, it would be best to choose a perimeter placement for your kitchen, meaning that it should be installed near your house, as you’ll already have a wall to start the construction from.

Plus, you can extend your home system’s water, electricity, and gas. But if the budget allows, you can have a satellite kitchen situated far away from the house.

You may use propane tanks for gas and other solutions for utilities if you don’t want to bother with reinstalment, but you’ll still have to install tiles on the ground or choose another suitable option.

Kids’ Area

If you have kids or your friend’s kids visit often, you should design a unique space for them. This way, you can keep an eye on them while they play in their area.

You can have a zone where they’ll play with sand (there are natural and kinetic options for kids), and next to it, a climbing frame with a slide from Fatmoose installed where they can swing and slide down until they get tired.

Some of these models already have a sandpit included so that you can choose the best option for your needs. These models are easy to install and come with a ten-year warranty on all parts, so they’re a good investment.

However, if your garden space is limited, you can choose wooden swing sets instead, with climbing extensions or a platform and slide; the options are unlimited for your outdoor design!

But if you want to keep them busy, you can put in a jar a few activities ideas for them to do, like doing a backyard scavenger hunt or setting up a painting station for them to release their imagination.

Living Walls

Whatever how small or spacious your garden is, living walls will make it fuller of life, and it’s not even an expensive project. A living wall can be a regular wall where you hang planters to fill them with herbs or trailing plants. Or, you can install a wall by placing a few vertical panels together and decorating them similarly.

A living wall is perfect for blending in the garden’s look with the modern kitchen or seating area. Plus, plants will thrive as they get enough sunlight, and watering them will be easy. Moreover, you can up your game with wheeled vertical panels that you can move wherever you like.

But you don’t have to stop at only a living wall; you can have as many plants as you want outdoors and even grow a wildflower garden which you’ll need to mow back once in a while. This is a great choice for a place where you don’t have much time to maintain. You only need to water and cut them seasonally so they’ll survive in any climate.

Shading Ideas

No outdoor spot is good enough without proper shading and coverage. The sun has yet to leave us, so you may consider a parasol in a bright pattern to make your space cheerful or even throw on some sheets or an old sail over the place for enough shade. Other great shading solutions include:

  • Overhanging foliage. Leaving your trees and hedges won’t be a problem anymore because you can arrange them to cover seating spots;
  • A pergola. While this option is pricier, it can be a better choice if you want protection from rain and wind;
  • An ad hoc canopy. If you’re on a budget, you can have some outdoor fabrics for shading that are easy to install and take down;
  • A sail shade gazebo. This lightweight shade boasts a big powder-coated rust-resistant steel frame, and the double polyester will protect you from rain or sun;
  • A canopy of plants. You can make a terrace pergola easily, and while it provides shade, it’s also a beautiful decoration for your garden;

Designing the perfect garden is far from easy. But as long as you have a plan and some imagination, you can create the perfect relaxation spot with few resources.