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6 Important Tips for Keeping Your Home Plumbing Healthy

Plumbing problems are the worst one can handle in one’s home. There I said it.

Only a handful of people care about the plumbing health of their homes. Everyone goes looking for “the guy” once they are stuck with a significant plumbing issue.

image - 6 Important Tips for Keeping Your Home Plumbing Healthy
6 Important Tips for Keeping Your Home Plumbing Healthy

However, we can prevent your home’s plumbing hazard by being a little careful.

In this blog, I am going to tell you six ways of how you can keep your home plumbing healthy.

We will try to cover all the basics, from clogged pipes to more significant issues, that can save tons of money for you. Let’s dive straight in.

1. Use Drain Cover (For Shower and Kitchen Sink)

Clogged drains can choke your entire house’s plumbing before you know what’s wrong.

When you have your drains covered, it will keep the more significant/unwanted object from entering and ultimately choking the pipes.

We cover your shower drains to keep your hair out of it and your kitchen’s well, to keep almost everything out.

Just remember we are not preventing the clogging but are also saving your house from smelling like garbage.

For buildings in flood-prone areas and where it rains heavy, drain covers are a necessity as sewage can enter your home.

In flood-prone areas, sewage treatment plans usually chock back, ending up leaving a huge mess.

Similarly, in rural areas and areas where it rains, heavy septic systems can back up when the system is covered by water.

2. Do Not Drain Chemicals Down the Sinks Toilet

Those “safe chemicals” are never so safe to drain down your toilet or the sinks.

With making your whole house stink, chemicals can do severe damage to your pipes. Chemicals can start eating your pipes to create leaks.

These are the side-effects of caustic and corrosive chemicals in particular. You will have to find another way to dispose of them. I am sure it will be better than spending a fortune on your plumbing repairs.

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3. Replace the Older Pipes ASAP

As per a survey, by the end of 2020, the average age of commercial buildings in the US was 52.67 years.

It shows that there are good chances that your building’s pipes can give up anytime. After all. 52.67 are a lot of years for a pipe, considering they’ve never been changed.

If you are changing before they start leaking or burst, it will cost you less. So, do not wait for the damage for a pipe to ruin your office, and contact the best plumbing company to replace your older pipes.

If you’ve moved to a remodeled older house, the same pipe-law applies to you as well.

4. Your Water Heater is Your Best Friends

I am saying so because a leaky heater can cause a lot of damage to your office or your home if it is not appropriately maintained.

To avoid accumulating a mineral called sediment at the base of your heater, you should drain your water heater every season.

If your water heater is already making banging sounds, water is bubbling from a relatively thick sediment layer. You do not have much time after this, flush it ASAP.

Water pressure all-around your home/building should be stable enough to avoid any plumbing hazard in the future.

You can also change the anode rod after every five years, which will extend your water heater’s life.

5. Keep Looking for Leaks

If your water bills are always high and you could not figure out why now you know. Something as simple as leaks can cost you hundreds in bills.

Trust me, fixing them will save a lot of money from water bills. There are some common reasons behind leaks:

  • Rusted-out pipes.
  • Outdated plumbing system.
  • Corroded pipes.

The above-written causes will not happen once. If you are good at detecting the signs like decay and other signs of damage, then you should keep your house’s exposed pipes.

If not, learn that warping, rust, and drops of water on any pipe surface indicate the plumbing problem.

Call a good plumbing company as soon as you notice any leaks.

6. Clear a Blocked Toilet by Yourself

Even if you do not have a plunger, you can still unclog your toilet.

All you have to do is to add hot water and soap to the bowl. Keep adding up the water until the bowl is not complete.

In this method, there is nothing like too much soap. You can add as much water to the bowl as you can.

The hot water will break down the clog while the soap will take it down with it. It is the soap’s responsibility to keep the waste moving.

This is a more straightforward way to unclog your toilet without using any harmful chemicals. The hot water soap will not damage your pipes like the chemicals, that is my promise.

It is not like cleaning your chimney that you should leave to the experts, want to know why? Here is an exciting blog for you.

The Bottom Line

Plumping your home/office is an essential part of your life. You are relying on them every day.

Hence, it is only justified to be a little more careful and aware of your building’s plumbing. With a bit of primary care, you can save a lot of money on plumbing repairs.

But, if you think your building’s plumbing needs a check or a repair. Do not wait a single hour and contact Mourad Plumbing straight on.