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5 Ways to Sanitize and Disinfect Your Kitchen

Being the heart of your home, the kitchen deserves to be cleaned and pampered just like that. It’s the place where you cook your meals, cut the vegetables, prepare lunch, and often enjoy meals with your families. Also please check out appliance repair near me.

If your kitchen is not clean then the chances of you and your family acquiring a disease are way higher than expected.

image - 5 Ways to Sanitize and Disinfect Your Kitchen
5 Ways to Sanitize and Disinfect Your Kitchen

The kitchen can easily become a breeding ground for many lethal bacterias and viruses, and the fact that all of these germs can’t be seen with the naked eye alarms us to be even more cautious.

Cleaning kitchen countertops thoroughly is crucial for this reason. Most importantly, in the current pandemic situation, it has become even more important to keep sanitizing and disinfecting your kitchen and your house!

Here’s how you can make sure that your kitchen is always germ-free!

1. Bleach Solution

Mix 5 tablespoons of bleach with per gallon of water to make a solution. This diluted solution is a CDC-recommended solution and a higher quantity of bleach may harm the tiles or countertops along with your hands.

Always remember to wear gloves before you start cleaning to save your hands from unnecessary burns or marks.

You can spray this mixture on your countertops and let it sit for a while before wiping it off, for your floor you can allow it to stay. Note that bleach is a disinfectant and will get rid of germs.

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2. Soaps and Detergents

They are ideal for cleaning kitchen equipment, so any of your utensils that are being used daily or roaming around the house make sure they are properly cleaned using soaps along with scourer pads, steel wool, or a stiff brush if need be.

These cleaning aids can help get rid of any food remnants or anything that may give birth to bacteria. This cleaning can be termed as sanitization rather than disinfection.

Try using hot water with soaps to ensure better cleaning in the kitchen.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Hydrogen Peroxide may take a little time to fully kill the germs but it is known to work. You have to allow the solution to air dry on the surface you have sprayed it on before you wipe it off.

Make sure you use a clean paper towel to wipe off the surface so that you don’t end up contaminating the surface again.

You can also soak kitchen equipment in it to kill any and every germ that may be present on it. Note that the three to six percent hydrogen peroxide solution is ideal for cleaning purposes.

4. Alcohol

Since we consider kitchen counters the most important part and one of the hotspots in spreading germs it is important to make sure they are adequately cleaned.

According to the CDC using at least isopropyl alcohol with a concentration of at least 70% is ideal to clean countertops.

All you need to do is spray the alcohol on the countertop and wipe it down with a microfiber cloth you can then fully dry it using another cloth to clean the countertops. Do not spray this on painted surfaces.

5. Chlorine Solution

This is a very inexpensive option as compared to the store-bought sanitizers whose prices have greatly increased amidst the pandemic.

Unscented chlorine can be found in a lot of convenience stores and if you have a pool at home you might even have some lying around.

Grab a spray bottle and fill it with water. For every quarter of warm water, you need to add only one teaspoon, any more chlorine can lead to the production of toxic substances so please be very cautious.

If you want to make a large amount of the disinfectant then add one tablespoon of chlorine to one gallon of water. Use this to disinfect any surface you want to after cleaning it.

These are some of the easiest ways to make sure that the hotspot in your house remains germ-free. You can also try other techniques to clean your kitchen but with our tips, you would not only be cleaning but disinfecting your kitchen too!

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