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Best Mattresses to Buy In 2021

The year 2020 made us sit up and notice everything we were so casual about, one of them being ‘sleep’.

We should be looking forward to better healthcare, personal care, hygienic rituals, and the need for hour-sleep quality. Stress has become a permanent part of our existence, like a sun sign.

image - Best Mattresses to Buy In 2021
Best Mattresses to Buy In 2021

So, we took some liberty and decided to get you started on your healthy sleep track by researching the best mattresses to buy in 2021 in India.

You can improve sleep quality by investing in a good quality mattress that is durable by character and comfortable by nature.

The quarantine will not be leaving us alone anytime soon, so why not self-isolate in style and comfort? After all, sleep is going to be your buddy.

Read on and introduce yourself to the best mattresses in India in 2021

There are many options, but the best has been listed out, and here it goes:

Dual Comfort Mattress

One mattress that promises the past and the future together! How? Well, it is double-sided, which means we can flip it. You can put the past below you!

Also, a dual mattress means you can use one side for support and the other for comfort. With lifestyles changing, you will need a mattress with varying degrees of firmness and design to adapt to the change.

When you want extra-firm strength to support your muscles, the firmer side of the mattress can help.

Similarly, if you seek comfort and warmth, the soft side of the mattress will help you settle right in. Flip the mattress to adjust it to fit your mood.

There are two types of dual mattresses:

  1. Extra-firm on one side and just firm on another side.
  2. Medium-firm on one side and soft on the other.

You can choose the orthopedic dual-comfort mattress to make sure that your body is getting the much-needed support.

If you need a versatile, adaptable, and compliant mattress, you can always choose dual mattresses to address your ever-changing lifestyles.

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Innerspring Mattresses

The mattress that gets passed down generations is the innerspring mattress. Initially, wire mesh or Bonnell coil mattresses were used worldwide.

But due to a better understanding of the human body, research, and modern technology, pocket coil mattresses made an entrance into the market.

If you seek extreme comfort, long-lasting durability, and support, try out an innerspring mattress, and you will not be disappointed.

There are two types of innerspring mattresses, pocket coil mattress,es and Bonnel coil mattresses.

Let’s understand what these mean:

1. Pocket Coil Mattresses

If you want supportive and comfortable sleep experiences, the pocket coil mattresses might be the right fit. They aren’t too firm or too soft.

In this mattress, many spring coils are placed individually yet together for united support, keeping comfort intact. It is motion-resistant, supportive, and extremely comfortable.

2. Bonnell Coil Mattress

The type of mattress is much firmer, flatter, and offers uniform support. You will find that the coils are interconnected through a mesh in a Bonnell coil mattress, thus making the surface flatter and firmer.

People with weakened muscles or bones and obesity prefer these types of mattresses.

Orthopedic Mattresses

As the name suggests, an orthopedic mattress is used by people with body aches, injuries, or sleep issues. Due to persistent chronic pains, body aches impact bone strength and muscle tones.

Orthopedic mattresses offer firm yet delicate support towards the achy body parts and offer relief. It would take time for people to adjust to an orthopedic mattress if they were using a softer mattress earlier.

People with back pain or spine alignment concerns find this mattress to be beneficial. Orthopedic mattresses are available in different variables like innerspring, foam-based, and even dual comfort.

Pillow Top Mattress

A pillow top mattress is more of a domestic option and is used mainly in the hotel industry. They are intended for a soft and comfortable sleeping experience.

Even if the mattress is of an innerspring or orthopedic variety, a pillow top mattress is snugly and comfortable to sleep in.

The soft mattress has a slim pillow layer spread on top, capable of trapping heat and hence popular in the colder zones.

Types of mattresses to watch out for in 2021:

1. PhysioPedic

This mattress is an orthopedic medium-firm foam mattress that is supportive and comfortable. It is more like an innerspring mattress with pocket coils firmly meshed together to provide the necessary support.

High-density memory foam is also used in these mattresses for a contoured sleeping experience. The mattress helps distribute pressure as per the body weight and offers spinal alignment to sleep comfortably on the back and the sides.

2. iMattress

Want to contour your body and sleep luxuriously? Watch out for iMattress that is purely high-density foam and supports your body without compromising on comfort.

In an iMattress, the core layer comprises high-density HR foam, while the support and comfort layers comprise plush high-density foam. Together these foams offer support, comfort, and durability.

These mattresses are famous for their pressure distribution and comfort the spine after a laborious or strenuous sitting activity.

3. Automatic DY

It is nothing but a dual comfort mattress that offers medium soft sleeping comfort on one side and medium-firm on the other side.

The mattress is made up of bonded foam core layer on both sides and shares uniform support. The mattress comes layered with high-density jacquard fabric, due to which the mattress can be flipped without damage.

It also has a smooth touch to it. With an ultra-high density of 100D, the rebonded foam offers durable support to both sides’ mattress.

4. Paradise

The compatible and functional mattress has a new synonym, ‘paradise latex foam mattress. The mattress is known for its long-lasting support and comfort.

People who have used this mattress feel their body is afloat yet comfortable nestled in the arms of plush sleep.

Paradise mattress comes with a heavy covering of aesthetic GSM fabric that protects the mattress.

The latex foam used in the mattress is hypoallergenic, comfortable, and medium-firm. The mattress is highly versatile and is suitable for ever-changing lifestyles.

5. World-luxury mattress

It is an innerspring pocket coil mattress inspired by luxury hotel mattresses. Apart from being a pillow top, the mattress has high-density foams which offer a resting in the clouds kind of experience.

Yes, it’s that comfortable and soothing! The world-luxury mattresses come enveloped with Denmark Viscose GSM fabric and are highly robust, which makes them of long-lasting quality.

Deciding on the best mattress for your needs could be challenging, but if your doctor can prescribe you one, then your problem has a solution.

Depending on your physical needs and the type of comfort needed, your doctor can break down the options for you and help you select one as well.

If there is no physical injury or chronic pain that needs attention, then the comfort and durability of the mattress are what you can focus on.

It is not every day that you buy a mattress but investing in the best one that will last long is wise.

If you know what you need, selecting the best mattress won’t be an issue. Visit the Flo mattress website for more details on every mattress type and their comfort.

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us by email or customer care number.

Flo mattress assures you that with their mattress, sleep will not elude you.