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Is Installing Your Own Windows Worth It?

On average, home windows should last up to 20 years before needing replacement. However, that means that they need to be well-installed, well-maintained, and made from quality materials.

The question is, can you tackle window installation on your own? If you go the route of DIY installation, will you be able to enjoy your new windows for a full 20 years?

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Is Installing Your Own Windows Worth It


DIY window installation comes with both advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before giving it a shot. In the end, you might find that installing your own windows simply isn’t worth it.

Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of DIY window installation to decide if it’s the right choice for you and your property.

The Advantages of DIY Window Installation

First, let’s take a look at what might appeal to you about DIY window installation. Windows are a crucial part of your home’s structure, functionality, and appearance. Why might you want to install them, yourself?

Saving on the Cost of Labor

When you’re calculating the cost of window replacement, you’ll quickly notice that you aren’t just paying for the materials. Nope, it’s not just the frame and the glass that come into play.

Paying for professional window installation means paying for labor. You are expected to pay for the time, tools, and safety precautions required to install your windows.

When you do it yourself, you can skip the cost of labor and focus your budget on the materials.

Increasing Self-Sufficiency as a Homeowner

A huge part of the DIY appeal is that tackling projects on your own increases your self-sufficiency as a homeowner.

Learning what it takes to install windows and actually completing the project can boost your confidence and reduce your reliance on outside help.

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The Disadvantages of DIY Window Installation

Alright, so we’ve mentioned how important your windows are. DIY window installation might boost your confidence and cut labor costs, but does that make it worth the possible disadvantages? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you may not want to handle this important job on your own.

Risking Your Safety

Installing windows isn’t exactly a cakewalk. You’re dealing with heavy materials, power tools, and other hazardous equipment.

You will also need to carry this equipment up and down ladders if you are installing any windows on a higher floor.

Professional window installers are well-trained and well-prepared for the safety risks that come with the job.

You may find that you’re not quite as prepared, especially if this is your first time completing a project on your home’s exterior.

Reducing Your Home Value

New windows can typically increase your home’s property value by up to several thousand dollars. New windows are often more durable and provide more protection and energy efficiency than older windows.

Plus, recent window replacement means that the next homeowner won’t have to replace their windows for quite a while.

Installing windows on your own may not produce this same effect. In fact, if you install the windows improperly or try to cut costs further by purchasing low-end materials, you can end up reducing your home’s property value, rather than raising it.

Missing Out on Warranties

Most windows come with a warranty that guarantees that the window will last a certain period of time or be replaced without costing you additional money.

However, warranties tend to come with some serious fine print and DIY installation may nullify your warranty altogether.

If your windows come with a warranty requiring professional installation in order to be valid, it’s in your best interest to go with a professional installation.

Installing Your Windows Incorrectly

Ultimately, one of the biggest disadvantages of DIY window installation is installing them incorrectly. Window installation is a tricky business and requires that you understand the exact size of your space, the angle at which the window must be installed, and more.

In other words, there’s a lot of room for error. Installing your windows incorrectly could lead to issues down the road.

These issues range from not being able to open and close your windows, losing heating and cooling through poorly sealed windows, and finding cracks or warping in your windows.

Paying More Down the Line

If the biggest perk of DIY window installation is saving money, you should be aware that the biggest disadvantage of DIY window installation is actually losing money.

For starters, installing windows will require that you have the right tools. When you hire a professional, you may be paying for the cost of labor, but you’re not paying for brand new tools you may never use again.

Additionally, poor installation could actually have a negative impact on your energy bill. As we mentioned earlier, not getting a proper seal on your windows means that you’re going to lose the heating and cooling you pay for throughout the year.

The more you lose that conditioned air, the more money you’re flushing down the toilet.

Finally, when you work with a company like clearmaxwindows.com, you can get proper installation the first time.

Plus, you’ll know where to go for affordable maintenance in the future. When you opt for DIY window installation, you’re more likely to need all new windows sooner rather than later–which means that all of that money you spent the first time won’t get you nearly as far.

Is DIY Worth It When It Comes to Window Installation? Probably Not

As a homeowner, tackling renovations on your own has a lot of appeals. However, some projects are better left to the professionals.

Now that you’ve read through our list of advantages and disadvantages, you may find that DIY window installation may not be the way to go.

Are you looking for more inspiration for your next big renovation? Take a look at more of our content to get an idea of what’s trending in real estate–and what you can do DIY!

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