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Is the Electric Heater Efficient?

When the cold season begins, you are surely worried about how to save energy, many think especially how to save during the Christmas season.

But, regardless of the time of year, if you’ve ever set out to save on your electricity bill, you’ve probably wondered if using the most reliable water heater but there will always be someone like Stephenkale who will tell you about the various options on the market and the advantages of each one.

image - Is the Electric Heater Efficient
Is the Electric Heater Efficient

Keep reading that we will explain everything you need to know about the use of this equipment.

Before pointing out which equipment provides the most energy efficiency, it is first important that we tell you about the differences between the options that are available to you.

Heater, Boiler and Thermos

It is important that you are clear that not all systems are the same. The first thing you should identify is which one you have in your home or which one you want to buy.

It turns out that these three devices allow you to enjoy hot water in your home, but they are not the same.

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Heats the water inside, to supply hot water to the entire heating system for the air conditioning of the house. But in addition, it can also produce domestic hot water.

Electric or Thermo Heater

It is a device that accumulates a limited amount of hot water available for consumption inside.

It heats the water by means of electrical resistance, but due to the time it takes to heat it, it is difficult to generate it instantly.

For this reason, it is necessary for the thermos to accumulate the water at the desired temperature, waiting to be consumed.

Gas Heater

it is only used to generate domestic hot water. It works with a system that passes the cold water from the network through a coil that is heated thanks to the combustion of gas.

The advantage it offers is that you can practically have an unlimited amount of DHW.

How Does the Electric Heater Work?

Initially, it could be said that electric heaters or water heaters use the least efficient method that exists to heat water.

They work using an electrical resistance, which is a metal that heats up when electricity passes through it and radiates heat that is transmitted to the water.

As soon as the predetermined temperature is reached, the resistance tends to turn off. The heater, which has an insulating material, maintains the water temperature.

Given the cost of electricity, compared to other energy sources, you are wondering how much these equipment consume.

The truth is that there are so many factors that influence, that it is difficult to give a single answer or indicate a single average cost.

Everything will depend on the model and functionalities of the heater you choose, the water inlet temperature (in winter it is obviously colder), the hot water consumption you make, etc.

However, it can be said that a 75-litre thermos, on average, consumes about 2-3 kWh per day.

Is the Electric Heater Efficient?

The electric heater is one of the equipment that work with an accumulation system, which is usually a better system.

This means that it heats the water and stores it to be consumed. But it is inevitable to wonder if that is enough to consider it more or less efficient than other systems.

If you compare the advantages and disadvantages, you can see that neither team is actually significantly better than the other.

They all have advantages and disadvantages, so the important thing is to know what advantages you can take advantage of in your day-to-day life.

However, it can be said that the answer is that yes, the electric heater is efficient equipment, you just have to check if it is the most efficient for you.

To understand it better, we mention the main advantages that these teams offer:

  • No need for gas installation.
  • The water runs hot immediately when you turn on the tap.
  • The water temperature is constant.
  • It does not require a minimum flow of water. It works for any water flow, no matter how small.
  • Installation is simple.

How to Choose an Efficient Electric Heater?

In general, electric heaters are 99% efficient. In addition, the new ranges of electric heaters are designed for greater energy efficiency, achieving, with some heat pump systems, even higher efficiencies, which will offer you greater possibilities of saving on your electricity consumption.

Also, your electric heater will be even more efficient if you choose a model that has excellent insulation and programming functionality.

With this last attribute, you can program not only the hours of use but the temperature of the heater and various other parameters that will help you to use it efficiently.

This will help you save up to 4% of the energy you consume.

If you can’t change your heater, you can at least buy a timer, which you can find at any hardware store.

If you have the opportunity, you can also add a digital timer to your heater, which offers you options similar to those of efficient thermos.

In any case, in addition to equipment, the most important thing to save electricity will always be to maintain responsible consumption. At the end that will be reflected in the electricity bill

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