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Is Monthly Pest Control Really Necessary

For most homeowners, determining the pest control service frequency varies to the severity and types of pests that need extermination. While property owners want to get rid of pest infestation, it’s vital to know that every kind of pest problem has a certain level of service.

We want to make sure our investments are taken care of, and no unwanted guests and pesky critters are taking advantage of it at the same time.

image - Is Monthly Pest Control Really Necessary
Is Monthly Pest Control Really Necessary

The best way to determine the condition of your property, inviting a trusted pest control service is essential. These guys were trained to know if there is an infestation the moment they walk into your home.

Doing a quick screening helps determine if your house needs monthly extermination or not. It will also reveal your property’s real status if there are an infestation and the type of pests lurking around.

Digging deeper into your home’s deepest darkest secret is vital. Testimonials from previous customers from local exterminators reveal the quality of work they do.

Like one client said, “Yalepest, a pest exterminator company from Fairfield, did a great job at my house.”

Pest control services determine the cause, severity, and treatment needed and provide these details to homeowners to decide if they’ll push through and start extermination as required.

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How to Determine the Severity of the Damage and Necessary Treatment

Determining what infestation is lurking around your home helps pest control services provide the right details and services required within your property.

For example, ant infestations, which is a common one, needs monthly extermination services until the colony is destroyed.

While cockroaches can be treated via chemical sprays or pesticides via bi-monthly, or as your pest control advice.

  • Call a local pest control service near your area.
  • Allow pest control personnel to do a thorough screening to determine the type of infestation present in your property.
  • Your exterminator will provide results, including infestation type, level of severity, possible yet practical treatment options, and your approval.
  • Treatment varies on the need to exterminate the type of pest.
  • Exterminators require time to treat the area and need complete cooperation needed to end the pest problem.

Keep in mind that certain factors affect the effectiveness of the treatment. Some pests are evolving and adapting to the environment where chemicals and other elements are present to exterminate them.

Pest survival instinct is to cope with the situation for food. If they are treated successfully, you’ll have a pest-free house.

Furthermore, most exterminators may require you to have follow-up screening to ensure that the issue has been solved.

Pest Control Facts and Why Book One Today

  • Monthly extermination is required if you are dealing with certain insects such as ants, cockroaches, and other bugs.
  • Pesticides and other synthetic chemicals tend to wash off the perimeter and require a consistent application for total extermination.
  • Your pest exterminators are your best allies in safeguarding your property against unwanted invaders.
  • Do-it-yourself is good, but pest control services have excellent experience and complete knowledge about how to cut pest problems.
  • Homeowners’ cooperation determines the success of the process.
  • Rodents carry harmful illnesses that can cause severe health conditions and death through the transmission.
  • Termites cause severe property damage to the house and or building property if left unchecked and exterminated.
  • Rodents are the primary carriers of harmful pests like mites, fleas, and ticks. They carry life-threatening illnesses such as leptospirosis, trichinosis, the plague, Rat Salmonella, and fever.
  • Pest control protects crops and the agriculture industry.
  • Pest control plays a vital role in health and food regulation, together with sanitation.
  • Cockroaches are the dirtiest insect, and its allergen causes asthma in kids.


The frequency of pest extermination and treatment varies on specific aspects, including types and levels of infestation.

While monthly control is necessary, your service provider will provide all the required information needed for you to decide whether your property needs bi-monthly or monthly treatment.

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