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Is a Pool Heater Right for You?

It’s your first swim of the season, and what do you do? Unless you are a 7-year-old child, you probably don’t jump in without testing the water.

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Is a Pool Heater Right for You

First, you dip your toe in and discover it’s colder than you imagined. Then you slowly, inch by inch, lower the rest of your body as you acclimate to the temperature. But what if this wasn’t necessary? A pool heater allows you to control the temperature of the water, ensuring your continued comfort.

The best part is, whether you own an above-ground pool or in-ground pool, you can find a heater to meet your needs. So, is a pool heater right for you?

Enjoy Your Pool for an Extended Season

After the cold days of winter pass and spring emerges, we find ourselves with fair weather that begs us to come outside. While the sun has finally made its appearance again, it hasn’t had the opportunity to naturally warm your pool.

After spending time in frigid temperatures, the water could take another few months to warm up to a level of comfort for daily use. For most people, comfortable swimming water is approximately 80℉, but in the spring, your pool may struggle to climb out of the 60s.

With the ability to heat your pool, this waiting period is eliminated. You’ve invested time and money into owning a pool. Why let it go unused?

Keep Swimming into the Night

Even on the hottest summer day, after sunset, pool temps become very uncomfortable. For most families, this signals the end of the day for swimming. But, with a pool heater, your family can experience a whole new kind of fun.

Swimming under the stars is both relaxing and invigorating. Decorative floating lights add ambiance to your environment. Even glow sticks tossed into the water can be turned into a fun family game.

A pool heater is a great solution for families who love entertaining or looking for new ways to spend family time.

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Low Maintenance Addition

Unlike pools, which require regular cleaning and upkeep to stay in their top performance, a heater requires little maintenance. The team of professionals at Align Heating understands the luxury of owning a pool.

They are skilled in pool heater installations, as well as repair and maintenance. Recognizing comfort as a priority in pool ownership, they are able to work with a variety of heater models.

This gives you the freedom to choose the best option for your home. They service both above-ground and in-ground pools and will make sure you have a satisfying experience that meets your needs.

Potential to Attract Buyers When it’s Time to Sell

A home with a pool will attract potential homeowners interested in owning a pool. It’s just that simple. By that same logic, if a home buyer is viewing two homes with pools and one comes with a heater, there is value-added.

A pool heater offers the same benefits to a future homeowner that you enjoyed. Only a realtor can advise you on whether or not the heater will increase resale value in your area. But offering a benefit that others may not have can make your home more marketable and easier to sell.

Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise and a wonderful way to spend time with loved ones. A pool heater not only extends the useful life of your pool throughout the seasons, but it makes every day full of endless possibilities. As a significant part of your lifestyle, pool heaters allow you to reap as many benefits from your investment as possible.

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