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Lease Abstraction in a Nutshell: Your Guide to the Basics

Trying to read technical documents, from a research paper to a lease, can feel like wading through quicksand. It shouldn’t feel that way, especially for someone already bogged down with moving and trying to find a new home. A lease abstract can pave the way and give you a guide of what you’re looking at and agreeing to.

image - Lease Abstraction in a Nutshell: Your Guide to the Basics
Lease Abstraction in a Nutshell: Your Guide to the Basics

The process of making that abstract, or lease abstraction, is necessary for a lease to be easy to read, understand, and thus follow. Let’s get into the details.

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The Basics of a Lease Abstraction

When working through a lease abstraction, some may work with a reliable lease administration to get the task done efficiently and correctly. You might be asking yourself who needs a lease abstract. Ideally, it’s something used with every lease considering how informative it is.

A lease abstract makes the process of leasing a home, apartment, or general space, much simpler. You receive all of the key details upfront.

You want to make sure when doing a lease abstraction that you are leaving out complicated language that those unfamiliar with real estate terms wouldn’t understand. Try this basic checklist for some of the necessities:

  • Address: the exact address that someone would then have if living in that location
  • Rent: how much will it cost per month (or when payment is expected)
  • Square Footage
  • Important dates: when is rent due, when is the place officially available for someone to move in and when would that lease expire
  • Lease term length and options for renewal

These should be written out in a clear, easy to follow manner so that anyone picking up the lease abstract would understand what is required. Without going through lease abstraction, the document can be sometimes incomprehensible to those unfamiliar with renting and real estate.

Someone just starting out with renting may not know what is considered a rentable area and a lease abstract helps with understanding those concepts.

Additional Details

The basics are of course crucial, but there is more additional information that goes into a lease abstract checklist. You’ll want to be thorough with a lease abstraction so you don’t leave out the smaller easier to miss details that are still important, some being:

  • Landlord’s address and contact information
  • Subletting rules: can you sublet this property and if so what does that entail for the renter and landlord
  • Landlord and renter rights
  • Base rent and planned rent increases

Don’t Be Abstract, Use Lease Abstraction

Lease abstraction should go through an entire lease pulling relevant information for someone interested. This can be a very in-depth document, but the benefits of someone understanding the lease they are signing far outweigh the process of a lease abstraction.

The importance of a lease abstract becomes most apparent when it is missing. Trying to sift through all of the technical terminologies to understand the renting process is both a burden and a deterrent. Renting shouldn’t be made harder, and this is one way to ease the process for everyone involved.

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