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8 Incredible Metal Decor Ideas for Your Home

Are you moving or redecorating? Even one new piece of art can open up space and give it a brighter ambiance.

image - 8 Incredible Metal Decor Ideas for Your Home
8 Incredible Metal Decor Ideas for Your Home

A metal decor is a great option for someone looking to wow guests and maintain a homey feel at the same time. Here are some great styles of metal decor to get you started in your search for the perfect new piece.

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  1. Mid-Century Modern

Use metal wall decor to enhance your mid-century modern living room. This retro style is all about clean lines and geometric shapes, so a collage of metal circles goes well.

You can even use a decor piece with metal frames around a collection of mirrors if you like the light reflection.

  1. 3D Flowers

One of the most fun metal wall art decor ideas out there is to frame metal flowers and hang them together. You can try a bouquet or a simple single-file line, whatever goes best with your existing decor.

  1. Make Your Own

If you have access to a manufacturing shop for laser-cut designs, you can make your own metal signs. From custom signs with your last name to specialized shapes and sizes, DIYing your metal sign is a great way to spruce up your space.

  1. Laser-Cut Furniture

Rather than hanging the metal features on the wall, try incorporating them into your metal furniture choices.

Whether you go with an eccentric pattern woven into the legs of the coffee table, or a simpler carved metal look for the tabletop, you’re sure to impress your guests.

  1. Abstract Art

A lot of metal artists create abstract pieces. If you’re shopping at an art fair and don’t see a realistic piece that you like, search for something more abstract.

Often the artist will be present to tell you about their ideas and the inspiration behind the pieces. Then you can offer these tidbits to your house guests when they visit. It’s fun to know the stories behind your artifacts!

  1. Combine Media

You don’t have to go all-metal when you’re looking for the right piece in your living room. Look for artistic representations that include other types of media, like wood or clay.

You can even decorate metal sheets with fabric and stone to give them new textures and change the feeling of the room.

  1. Vintage Metal Decor

Do you have a specific theme for your rec room or man cave? Why not go with vintage metal signs to complement the theme?

For example, if you have an old gas station pump in the corner and some other filling station memorabilia, why not add some vintage Coca Cola signs? These were often printed on metal and they’ll add to the nostalgic look.

  1. Animals

Your metal home decor should help express who you are. Your personality is part of your home, something your guests will recognize when they walk in. Show off who you are with animal prints or etchings.

You can choose animals native to countries you’ve visited, or favorite pets you’ve had. Even zoo memorabilia can fit if that’s a big part of your life, as well as animal rescue or veterinary studies.

Embrace New Material

Hanging metal decor is a unique way to welcome your guests and design your space. No matter what direction you go, visitors will love the choices you’ve made. Opt for vintage, abstract, or mid-century looks to complement your other decor.

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