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Living with Grandparents – Home Improvements You Need to Make

Living with a grandpa or grandma can be fun. They never seem to run out of stories about their colourful childhood days or their experience with love, war, and everything in between.

Most of the time they spoil the young ones with sweet treats like candies and cookies. They give them all the love they can give.

Living with Grandparents - Home Improvements You Need to Make
Living with Grandparents – Home Improvements You Need to Make

But of course, living with old folks is not always easy. Most of the time, it comes with plenty of challenges such as dealing with accidents and injuries.

So to keep your loved ones safe from harm:

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Say No to Transitional Rugs

Transition rugs are quite popular because of their beautiful intricate designs. However, they don’t really mesh well with old folks. Most of the time, old people slip, trip and fall on their back when they step on transitional rugs.

The most practical course of action is to get rid of your rugs. While it may not seem the best solution, it’s one way to prevent serious accidents and injuries.

If you’re not too keen on losing the rugs in your house, securing them with tacks or tack strips is the best option you have.

Also, pay attention to the texture of your rugs or carpeting. It should be free from frays or other forms of damages. If the frayed part is small, you can try fixing it with a threshold strip. Otherwise, you should replace the entire thing.

Place Furniture in the House Strategically

You want to make room for your old folks, especially those who use mobility equipment to access the entire house. You don’t want your grandmother or grandfather to have a hard time moving about because the area is too cramped.

Place Furniture in the House Strategically
Place Furniture in the House Strategically

As much as possible, try to position the furnishings strategically. Give as much space for assisted walking.

Also, if you have unused chairs, place them in areas where your senior loved ones will most likely sit when they get tired walking around the house.

If you have large tables, make sure that your loved ones don’t bump into them by placing them near the walls. Carefully consider where to place tables that come with pointy edges.

Add Motion-sensor Lighting

Most of the time, old people sneak into the kitchen to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings. To help them avoid tripping or falling down the stairs, we recommend installing motion-sensor lighting in the hallway.

You can go to the nearest DIY store. Surely you will find a wide range of motion-activated lights. Pick lightings that aren’t too bright or glaring. Also, don’t forget to tell your folks about the motion-activated lighting. The last thing you want is for your folks to get alarmed when the hallway suddenly lights up.

Create a Safer Bathroom

Because senior folks are prone to serious accidents, it’s crucial to add safety features to the slippery parts of your house such as your bathroom. If your senior family member relies on using a wheelchair or an electronic scooter, you should consider installing grab bars.

They can grab hold of the bar if they need additional support after they take a bath or use the toilet. These bars are very much suited for old people who have exceptional upper body strength. While some bars can be attached to the wall via suction cups, it’s better and safer to use those bolted to the wall.

Aside from grab bars, you should also think about using non-slip bathroom mats. These come extra handy in minimising accidents in the bathroom.

Below are other amazing features that you need to invest in if your grandfather or grandmother will stay with you for good:

  • A nice walk-in bathtub – These specialised tubs are highly recommended for senior folks. Instead of worrying about slipping while getting in or out of a tub, they can just walk in and sit down with much ease.
  • Consider adding a raised toilet – Physically disabled folks find it easier to use raised toilet bowls as compared to traditional toilets.
  • Use the right type of lighting – Bathrooms should always be well-lit. We recommend installing as many lighting fixtures as you need. Pick specific areas that need additional illumination such as the medicine cabinet, sink, and bathroom tub area.
  • Place the toiletries and other essential items in easy to reach places – This way your grandparents don’t have a hard time reaching for the things they need to use while they’re in the bathroom.

Limit Access to the Basement Area

Basements are mostly used to store washers and driers. While your granny or grandpa may offer their helping hand when you laundry the clothes, experts recommend keeping your senior or disabled loved ones from climbing down the basement steps. One wrong turn may cause them to suffer from a serious knee or pelvic bone injury for a few months.

This is especially important if your senior family member has an extremely difficult time walking up and down the stairs. As much as possible. Try limiting access in this area by using padlocks or additional security locks. Keep the doors locked most especially when you’re not around.

Discard Expired Medication and Other Prescription Drugs

Because most seniors have a deteriorating sense of sight, it’s important to steer them away from products that won’t do them any good, for example, expired goods and medicine.

It’s highly recommended to throw away such items especially if the food label instructions are printed in very small text. Also, throwing away expired goodies is the key to preventing accidental drug overdose or consumption of expired goods.

Truth be told, you can never be too careful. Fortunately, learning life-saving skills is now available online, accessible to anyone. If it would make you feel more at ease, you could get certified in courses such as BLS (Basic Life Support) and save a life until the paramedics arrive.

Discard every bottle or packet of expired goodies inside your house especially days before your old love one arrives.

Never use Supplemental Oxygen Tanks in the Cooking Area

A lot of elderly individuals are prescribed to use oxygen tanks in order to breathe properly especially during the hot seasons. If your family member uses supplemental oxygen, it’s recommended to do the following safety precautions:

  • Never bring the tank in the kitchen – Oxygen is not a flammable type of gas. However, it encourages fires by providing the necessary chemical component needed for combustion.
  • Never make adjustments to the Oxygen level – Unless you’re authorized to change the settings of the tank, you should just leave the oxygen tank untouched.
  • Place the extra tanks in a cool – Follow the storage instructions for oxygen tanks to avoid fires and other accidents.

Keep Their Bedroom Neat and Tidy

Last on the list is to ensure that your grandparent’s bedroom is free from clutter. Check every nook and cranny and get rid of anything that doesn’t belong in the picture.

For example, you have to ensure that there aren’t any cords that turn into tripping hazards. Also, you must see to it that your grandma or grandpa’s bedroom is located near the bathroom so he/she won’t have to walk a long way when they need to pee late at night.

Keep Their Bedroom Neat and Tidy
Keep Their Bedroom Neat and Tidy

Your senior loved ones deserve to enjoy the rest of his/her days with you and the entire family instead of in a lonely nursing care facility.

Before your grandmother or grandfather moves in with your family, see to it that you made the simple and practical tips we listed down in the article above. This way, you can totally be confident that your house super safe for old people.

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