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Making Your Backyard Look Fabulous: What Kind of Sculpture to Choose?

There are those that would argue that having an amazing outdoor space is the second most important thing to a great kitchen. Some would even say that nothing beats a well-manicured and thought-out outdoor look.

image - Making Your Backyard Look Fabulous: What Kind of Sculpture to Choose?
Making Your Backyard Look Fabulous: What Kind of Sculpture to Choose?

For those of us who can’t imagine having a backyard with only grass and maybe a tree or a couple of shrubs, here are some guidelines on how to make your backyard look fabulous and how to incorporate a sculpture into the design.

There really is no limit to your creativity, but keep in mind that a great garden sculpture is integrated into the design in a way that seems natural and creates some great focal points.

When it comes to choosing a garden sculpture, it’s very important to remember that there aren’t really any wrong answers here. It’s all about your personal preferences and style. So, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make your backyard look fabulous.


Natural sculptures like a granite monument are an excellent choice because it comes in so many diverse looks. Granite can be a speckled gray, brown, and black or pink and black with silvery freckles.

With so many options, you can choose the perfect standout piece that brings the exact look and feel that you want. Wooden sculptures aren’t as common as rock and metal, but it still creates a beautiful and supernatural feel to any yard.

Just keep in mind that wood is biodegradable and it will break down over time, so it needs to be treated and maintained properly. Metal sculptures are sure to grab attention.

Whether you choose something unconventional like a chicken wire statue that gently lights at night to give a ghostly glow or something functional like a traditional windmill, metal garden statues can give a very traditional and pastoral feel.

Metal sculptures can range from huge statement pieces like The Awakening to smaller things like herons or surfboards. There are a lot of options when it comes to metal sculptures, so you can choose whatever suits your fancy or garden design.

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A Classical Approach

Standard or weathered white statues are very popular. Some favorites are a sleeping baby, a Grecian-styled woman, angels, replicas of ancient statues, and a seated Buddha.

Most landscapers do not recommend stark white statues unless you’re going for a more Baroque approach. Instead, consider getting a weathered version or weathering it yourself to reduce the amount of contrast between your space and the sculpture.

The more classic approach to garden sculptures tends to create a more sophisticated and polished look that many homeowners appreciate.

A Touch of Whimsy

Garden gnomes, fairies, fairy houses, and dragonflies really do bring a touch of whimsy to any garden space. It’s fun to think of little garden helpers tending to your dracenas, crotons, ornamental grasses, and more.

A whimsical sculpture does a lot to create a soft and playful atmosphere. You can bring in an array of colors and textures that really bring the fantastical to life with the right kind of sculpture.

Modern Stylings

There are tons of modern touches that can add to the modern garden of your dreams. Geometric and abstract sculptures are really edgy and thought-provoking.

They’re really great at drawing attention and setting the tone. If you’re going to incorporate modern sculptures, keep in mind that the other stylistic touches should also be in line with the modern style. Stylistic consistency will give your garden a more refined look, no matter what style you choose.

Something Altogether Different

Take a more subtle approach with pieces that provide interest without being huge statement pieces.

Things like pitchers painted rocks, and eggs are decorative sculptures that can create focal point pathways that bring you to the seating area, herb garden, fire pit, or pool area.

There are a lot of little things that can work together to create the experience you want, to create sections or pathways in your backyard design.

You can even try your hand at creating your very own sculpture, a one-of-a-kind original. A DIY sculpture is great if you’re on a tight budget.

Location, Location, Location

Where you decide to place your sculptures and focal pieces will make a big impact on your design. A well-placed sculpture or accent piece has the ability to draw attention to a specific area. Use them to highlight a walkway and provide interest when flowers and bushes are not in bloom or dormant.

Making good use of your garden space and sculptures can give the illusion of having a larger space when in reality you’ve thoughtfully planned out the space to make the impact of your choosing.

Consider lining up your statue with the seating area or favorite floral element. Using sculptures in this way will draw the eye to both itself as well as the direction it is pointing in (or create a visual stop).

It doesn’t matter if you have a small backyard or an expansive garden to work with, sculptures can do a lot to jazz up the look and feel of your yard.

No matter your stylistic preferences, you can choose whatever speaks to you or creates the energy that you want to embody in your outdoor space. There’s no right or wrong way to choose a sculpture. You can even hire someone else to choose it for you if that’s what you prefer.

Another helpful option is to take a picture of your garden space and take photos of the sculptures you’re considering and then layer the sculpture onto your garden space to give you a better idea of the finished look using creative tools or applications like Photoshop.

Keep in mind that pretty much any sculpture will fit in beautifully with a natural backdrop, so it’s up to you what direction you want to go in with your sculptures and focal pieces.

And if you consider your outdoor space to be an extension of your indoor space, you may want to consider taking stylistic cues from the interior design of your home.