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Managing Small and Common Spaces at the Office

It is already a fact that people send well over 40 hours a week in the office which is about 2000 hours in a whole year, and just imagine the amount of time you will be spending in the office for your duration of work.

So, it is very much important to organize the space within those four walls making it more aesthetically pleasing as well as comforting, in turn, increasing productivity.

Renovating your office layout is not only about utilizing the workspace efficiently, and studies have shown that the layout of the office, as well as other environmental factors, will play a role in affecting the employees’ well-being, financial success, and also the productivity.

An office with poor design can lead to higher stress levels encouraging small feuds between different departments, mental health issues, anxiety, and all sorts of negative vibe around the workspace.

When you properly utilize office space, you can foster collaboration, generating feelings of calmness and comfort among the employees.

image - Managing Small and Common Spaces at the Office
Managing Small and Common Spaces at the Office

Planning a layout of the spaces will need much more than just arranging some desks. You will need to prepare yourself to choose the best furniture, the lighting, and the interior space and decor.

To help you with these decisions, we have provided certain tips that will help you manage the office space.

1. Ready a Plan

You should formulate a plan on what are the requirements and the estimated budget that will be required for purchasing all the necessary elements.

If there is enough budget, you can also hire professionals to plan it out for you keeping all the set preferences in mind.

Do make sure to consider all the requirements of the employees and the company and get a plan that will satisfy everyone.

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2. Decorate Your Workspace with Some New Comfy Furniture

Arranging a space will need you to arrange the accompanying furniture. Before you arrange the furniture, think about whether or not it is a good or bad idea to keep it.

The old uncomfortable furniture could affect the performance of the employees affecting their health like back problems, migraines, eye strain, etc.

It is better to find some ergonomic desk chairs through sites like Furniturepie.com that will give you your choice of furniture at reasonable prices.

3. Prioritize the Variety

There are various needs of the employees as no one size fits it all. So, every office needs to prioritise variety and create different workspace environments within the office that will add to the flexibility.

4. Keep Updated About the Technological Requirements

It is suggested you talk to the IT department or the head of engineering of the company to figure out the best way to arrange the workspace so every one of the employees will get the technology they need and to be updated about the newer versions for improved productivity.

In this case, you can consider factors such as the location of printers, the wifi routers, projectors and screens, outlets proximity, storage of technology, etc.

5. Have a Combine Decision Along with the Employees?

Various researches have indicated that productivity increases if employees are given the freedom to express their opinions regarding the management of the workspace as it will improve job satisfaction, in turn, increasing work performance.

6. Make Some Spaces that are Specifically Designed for Collaborations

This will encourage employees to not just sit in the usual room throughout the day and enjoy some time outside their work zone for collaborations with employees from other departments improving the communications between the various departments.

This is where may innovative ideas could be born.

7. Take Special Care of the Lighting

Lighting is a very important aspect of the office layout that could impact productivity, mood, health, well-being, and mental stress.

Working in a dull environment is not always pleasing. Though natural light is always the best option, since it is not equally distributed throughout the length of the office, you can turn to various alternatives like the ceiling lights or desk lamps and so on.

Working in a brighter environment will brighten up your spirits.

8. Have a Space That is Just Meant for Relaxation Purpose

It is not possible to stay in a single position throughout the day and is not healthy. Taking an adequate amount of breaks is as important as completing your assignments.

But if there are no areas where you can rest even after taking a break, then it is of no use. So, many offices have set up spaces meant for relaxing during the breaks of the employee where they can feel much more comfortable away from the pressure of the work, rejuvenating them to work better afterwards.

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