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Matching a Flower Wall to Your Events Colour Palette

Getting a flower wall is something that you should consider if you have something formal going on. Flower walls are a luxurious and natural looking addition to your event. These are the perfect choice for weddings, birthdays, graduations, or any business events and dinners. If you are not sure which kind to go for or how to incorporate it into your exterior and interior then just keep on reading!

Matching a Flower Wall to Your Events Colour Palette
Matching a Flower Wall to Your Events Colour Palette

Matching a Flower Wall to Your Events Colour Palette

Here are the top 10 reasons, tips, and tricks on how to match your flower wall to your event and its colour palette.

  1. Why You Should Have It

If you want to make your event pop some more why not consider getting a flower wall? It is a beautiful addition which can transform your ordinary room into something magical and original. These are becoming a huge thing worldwide thanks to their multi-purpose and unique style. Flower walls are highly recommended for birthdays, graduations, kids parties, proposals, or any type of event that you wish to brighten up.

  1. How to Incorporate It

If you are worried about not having a lot of flower wall options you should hold your thoughts. Many people have got a fear of their flower wall not matching their themed party. For instance, you may not be sure which wall to get if you are throwing off a baby shower party which has an entire blue/yellow/orange or any other bright colour theme going on.

Luckily, there are several different kinds of flowers, materials, and colours that you can go for. If you are not sure what kind to order, you should ask your decorator or the firm that you’ve hired for their advice. There are all sorts of white, pink, purple, or classic vine green flowers, as well as leaves that you can go for.

  1. Colour Schemes and Mixing

If you end up not liking any out of the already pre-made walls since you feel like they are way off for your event and its colours scheme then you can have one customized. You can have your own wall built from scratch, and by using the materials and flowers that you wish. Often the flower wall can be the perfect thing to tie multiple elements from the event together. Just make sure to order it in time, since these arrangements do take some time to make.

Flower wall
Flower wall
  1. It’s Size

Make sure that you know what you are working with. Flower walls do not take a lot of space, but it is still a noticeable difference. Think about where you are going to place it, will it look good in that specific corner, and is your light doing you justice. Make sure that your wall is exposed to a lot of natural sunlight, or near your ring light just for the better picture quality. Know that flower walls at Sage Event are mostly around 2.2 meters in height and in width. This, however, can be customized per your needs.

  1. Will It Look Real

Some might be worried about the quality of the wall and the material which will be used in the production. Ordering stuff online is, in general, a hard task since you can’t feel or see the product in person. Make sure that you do your online purchase only via trusted sites. Also, know that the flower walls at Sage have been crafted by an in-house interior designer.

The designer has been working with these types of walls and materials for years and years now. When creating a wall, the designer will choose the best kind, the most realistic looking one, and the best looking replica for the real thing. So, if your event is a super posh and extravagant one, or just uptight and formal, know that your flowers and your flower wall can match your event. Also, the wall itself will look realistic and will live up to your expectations.

Since there are several different kinds, types, and colours that you can go for, you should also know how and where to use them. For instance, you can have the photo backdrop flower wall. This photo backdrop is ideal for the guests at the wedding since they can take a bunch of pictures in this frame.

Must Read:

  1. How to Use It – Wedding Backdrop

A huge hit when it comes to the weddings are those giant floral arches. Imagine pairing them up with a big all-white flower wall? If your wedding is not in the open and does not have a beautiful scenery (like a sunset, the sea, or the forest) then you should think about the white floral background. It is a huge accessory which can look aesthetically pleasing.

Floral Arches - Matching a Flower Wall to Your Events Colour Palette
Floral Arches
  1. How to Use It – Wedding Table Backdrop

You can have your wedding table wall customized based on your colour scheme and the table that is in front of you at the wedding. These walls are usually very romantic looking and bright, perfect for taking pictures. Wedding table wall is a great option if you don’t want to have a plain background option and if you want to draw attention to the couple.

  1. How to Use It – Food Table Backdrop

This kind is versatile and easy to set up, as well as use. Almost any event has got a food or beverage table which is decorated with flowers. However, these tables can sometimes look overcrowded and a little too messy. That’s why you should incorporate a wall background behind the table. Just place it a few meters away from the table and it will definitely fill up a room and give it some life.

  1. How to Use It – Ceiling Decoration

These types can be a bit tricky to set up. Mostly, venues do not allow a bright giant wall to be placed upon the ceiling. However, if your venue does not mind this then you should consider getting a bright fun flower wall. It will open up the room and give it a whole new dimension.

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