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Moving for Beginners

As children, we start idealizing and waiting for the time when we can start moving out of our house and yes, the excitement is justified. However, over time as you start going from one apartment to the next, you will come to one realization, and that is your hate for moving.

The entire process of having to pack up falls under the spectrum of stressful human experiences. The entire process is time-consuming and very tedious for anyone so if you are currently in the process of moving and you are finding yourself getting frustrated, we are here to tell you that your frustration is very valid.

A lot of people tend to struggle during this time and if you are looking to change that, there are still some things that you can do to help ease the burden for yourself.

image - Moving For Beginners
Moving For Beginners

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Moving for Beginners

A good moving company is a lifesaver and is something you should not skimp over. A good moving company will be able to arrive on time come to Moving Day, carefully load all of your things in the moving truck, and then safely transport and unload your things to your new location on time. It might sound like I’m just starting their job, and while that is true, a lot of companies tend to offer less than ideal services.

This is why we recommend taking your time and asking all of the questions you feel like asking when you are out in the market looking for a moving company.

You can always ask friends, family, and, other people in your social circle to get a few names. You can then look up reviews for different companies online, talk to them, get a price quote, and see how you find them. Your gut instinct usually plays in here as well, so you want to make sure that you find yourself willing to trust the company before you sign any contracts. If you are looking for a place to start, you can look into Relentless Moving Logistics, LLC.

One of the best things you can do for yourself to help streamline all of the steps of the moving process is by creating a to-do list. Having a comprehensive checklist will allow you to be able to go through different tasks, stay organized, keep up on pending tasks, and reduce the likelihood of you forgetting a task.  You can keep the list as extensive as you need to and you will find yourself being very grateful a few weeks down the line.

Once you have finalized and set a moving date, you want to get started with all of the paperwork so that you can get it out of the way quickly. You also want to deal with your subscriptions and change your address for each of them or discontinue their services.

You are going to want to tell your milkman, your newspaper person, your amazon account and, your makeup subscriptions, etc. about your change in address or end of subscription due to the move.

By informing of this change beforehand you can avoid having to deal with extra bills, wrong address deliveries, and so on after the move has been completed.

Before you get into packing your things into boxes, we strongly recommend purging all of the clutter beforehand. This means you want to spend a day or more going through everything you own and then deciding whether or not you want to take those things with you to the new place. If you do not like the idea of throwing everything away, you can also choose to either sell some things or donate them.

Go over your clothes, makeup, cutlery, shoes, and furniture, etc. Nothing is off-limits when it comes to these steps. Many organizations can benefit from your donations and this can include shelters, setups that help people dress up and prepare for job interviews, and so on.

By reducing all of your clutter you will have less packing to do and you will feel good about only keeping the things that you use and need. Once you have started packing your things you will have to stay organized here as well and make sure to correctly label and specify what is inside each box.

This will make for a more organized unpacking process that will not devolve into chaos later. When packing fragile items you want to make sure that you wrap them securely in bubble wrap and then label the box as fragile in a noticeable area.

The Bottom line

If you follow all of these steps you should be able to get done neatly by the time moving day rolls around. You can now sit in your car, give one last look to your old place, say your goodbyes, and then get started to turn over a new leaf elsewhere.