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Too Much Stuff And Not Enough Space? 5 Decluttering Tips

A typical family home is cluttered with school supplies, books, paperwork, unnecessary furniture, and a slew of other miscellaneous objects.

image - Too Much Stuff And Not Enough Space? 5 Decluttering Tips
Too Much Stuff And Not Enough Space? 5 Decluttering Tips

It can become a hot mess if things are left to pile p and collect dust. Luckily, there are a bunch of tried-and-true tactics to declutter your house.

If you do not know where to begin, use the following expert decluttering methods to help you regain control of your house from the menace of clutter. Rest assured, these decluttering strategies will revolutionize the way you live.

1. Divide Manageable Objectives

Decluttering is a massive undertaking. Attempting to tackle your entire home at once might prove to be overwhelming. Therefore, divide the task into smaller objectives.

It will give you a feeling of accomplishment along the road. Coming up with a list of your rooms and the order you want to work on them is a fantastic approach to get on with the decluttering process.

2. Lay Down a Sorting System

It is best to create a sorting mechanism as you move around the house. Depending on the convenience, you can devise a customized approach or utilize the well-known “three-box method.” The three-box method encourages you to make decisions item by item.

Sort your belongings into three boxes or storage containers and name them “keep,” “sell or donate,” and “trash.” Here is an illustration of how you can use this technique:


As you browse through your items, put everything you use or intend to use in this box.

If you have second thoughts about an item but are still unwilling to part ways with it, such as old antiques, don’t keep, but store it away.

You can Google storage units in your neighborhood to store such treasured possessions in climate-controlled facilities under 24/7 surveillance.

Sell or Donate

This is your opportunity to be generous- or make money. Consider how the objects might be helpful to someone else versus how they might be used in your home.

 Also, think about the financial advantages of selling your items. Selling an item online is as simple as 1, 2, and 3. You need to put it on a suitable online platform for the right price.


This one is pretty obvious. Put everything in the trash box that occupies space in your house for no rhyme or reason. Besides, you should also throw expired items in the trash box.

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3. Allocate a Junk Spot

You can use a junk spot near the front door to store random items that do not fit anywhere else. Receipts, hair ties, and business cards can all go in here.

A tray could be a good alternative if a bowl does not align with your space or style. A drawer in an elegant counsel table would be better.

Small containers in drawers assist in separating and organizing odds and ends, making them easier to discover.

It bears worth mentioning that a junk bowl, drawer, or tray is only helpful if you go through it regularly. So do not let it collect dust.

4. Hide Cables

If you have a ton of gadgets in your home, be ready for a plethora of wires in plain sight. These wires make it difficult for you to move around the house, clean spaces, and clutter the overall space big time.

If you’re careless, you may even trip and break a bone. To make your life easier, here are some handy wire management ideas below:

Use Cable Ties

Using cable ties is hands down the cheapest and most straightforward approach to tidying up wires. They transform the messy wires into an orderly arrangement.

Moreover, cable ties are easy to update if you add new gadgets and more wires. When connecting cables, keep AV outputs and electrical cables separate.

This prevents electrical current from interfering with analog signals. Tie the wires together at the natural limits of AV objects and walls.

Build your DIY Docking Station

A plethora of charging wires is an eyesore. To hide the clutter, you should recycle a magazine rack to segregate computers, phones, tablets, etc., and then include a multi-cable holder to keep the wires sorted.

Turn Cords Into a Visual Treat

Instead of merely concealing wires, think about getting creative with them. Hide cables around your walls using elegant wire clips.

That way, your wires can serve as aesthetic pieces and perfectly complement your décor.

5. Drape your Wall With Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are an easy DIY activity that will provide an additional space to store goods and help declutter. There are various patterns of hanging baskets to choose from.

However, you can even transform a rope or thick string into a decent basket hanger. They look lovely when hung along with windows.

 Hanging baskets can also pack up compact because they are made of textiles. So they will not take up too much space or require hard work if you no longer need them.


Living in a cluttered space is stressful. One of the most significant drawbacks of a messy home is that you have to juggle around for hours to find stuff such as keys and the TV remote.

But the good news is that it does not have to be that way. You can live a much more organized lifestyle and create ample space by following the decluttering hacks listed above.

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