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How to Declutter Your Home in One Day

There’s nothing better than decluttering to clear your mind. Taking your time organizing your home can be both relaxing and productive.

However, what happens in situations where you only have one day to declutter your entire home? This can bring on anxiety and stress.

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How to Declutter Your Home in One Day

Fortunately, you can get it done. Although it takes a bit more willpower and physical work, having the right plan can get your home decluttered within one day.

Whether you’re renting your home or preparing for company, this guide will get you through your cleaning journey.

How Do I Start Decluttering?

The first thing to remember is that you only have a set amount of time. Therefore, it’s best to tackle the surface clutter.

Aside from getting rid of some things, you’re mostly putting things back where they belong. Going into the drawers and getting rid of serious clutter only adds more stress and visible clutter.

In addition to understanding your task, it’s wise to grab a few items to expedite the organization process. For instance, to make things easier, you may want to use bins. When it comes to labeling your bins, you have a few options.

You can label them based on what you’re keeping, throwing away, and donating. You can also label them based on what room they belong to. If you have enough bins, you can do a combination of both.

Should I Clean or Declutter First?

When it comes to decluttering efficiently, it’s best to clean first. Generally, there are two types of clutter: garbage and everyday. Garbage clutter is classified as items we haven’t thrown or given away while everyday clutter deals with things that are misplaced.

If you start with a good cleaning, you have more space and less clutter before you even begin.

If you have help, all of you don’t have to work on cleaning. With the right briefing, you can have your helpers clean up the garbage, and then you follow up with decluttering.

If you have children that won’t be helping, you can even have them clean the night before to make decluttering easier.

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What Should I Get Rid of When Decluttering?

Whether you live alone or have a large family, you’ll always have more than you need. Therefore, when you’re choosing what to keep and what to throw away, you should give yourself strict guidelines to avoid re-cluttering your home.

For example, you may have different china sets for special occasions. Sometimes, extra dishes just pile up, leaving very little space for other necessary kitchenware.

In situations like these, it’s a good idea to donate the dishes and silverware to loved ones. That way, you don’t have to completely part with them.

The same applies to clothes and things you have a surplus of. Sure, some things like cards have sentimental value. Instead of displaying them all, find a nice box that can hold them for you. It’s also good to shred your important documents to protect your personal information.

Also, do your best to throw away the trash as you go. If you have a helper, assign someone to take out the trash room by room.

What is the Fastest Way to Declutter a House?

The fastest way to declutter your home quickly is to hit the more popular rooms first. For instance, you’re probably better off decluttering the living room and bathrooms than a guest bedroom or basement.

If you still have time after tackling the bigger, more public areas, use the rest of the time straightening up other rooms.

In addition to having organized bins and throwing away trash, you’ll be able to clean faster if you set timers for each room. Set more time for the bigger, more cluttered rooms.

For example, if your kitchen has more clutter than the bathroom, you can set 20 minutes for the bathroom and 45 for the kitchen.

Also, save the organization for last. Putting things back in their rightful place usually takes the least amount of time. If possible, be sure to take short breaks throughout the day.

Working without breaks can cause you to burn out. If possible, pre-pack some meals and snacks so you have more time and energy to declutter.


Decluttering, even in a day, can be a therapeutic experience. With a plan and some organizational tools, you can declutter your home in a day. While you can do it alone, do your best to recruit help.

By starting with a garbage sweep, you can expedite the organization process. Most of all, try having a good time. While cleaning your home may not be on your bucket list, you can enjoy yourself.