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When is a Good Time to Contact a Realtor in Vancouver

Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s always a good idea to contact a Realtor Vancouver professional as soon as possible. Even if you haven’t really decided what you want then you can use your interview process to help guide you.

Of course, knowing your needs and expectation before you talk to them helps. However, there’s nothing stopping you from simply exploring other questions.

image - When is a Good Time to Contact a Realtor in Vancouver
When is a Good Time to Contact a Realtor in Vancouver

How Does Time of Year Affect Buyers and Sellers?

  • The number of listings varies throughout the year
  • The potential for deals is different during the various seasons
  • Don’t forget your needs

Number of Listings

It’s worth knowing that seasons tend to have a different impact on the market. This is partly due to changing behaviours throughout the year. For example, Spring was traditionally the best time of year to list your property because people came out of the winter months ready to visit properties.

Having said that, your Realtor Vancouver professional will probably tell you that things aren’t quite so back and white these days.

Nonetheless, you’ll still most likely see a steady increase in listings from Spring to Summer. This is as people slowly get organized after Winter. Also, there tends to be a flurry of activity before people send their kids back to school around September time.

Potential Deals

It’s true that the cold Winter days tend to keep people indoors. They are therefore less likely to go Open Houses. Nevertheless, some life circumstances drive people to sell quickly and so you could find good deals during the Winter.

Plan your Strategy

As mentioned, knowing what you’re looking for as well as your timings are always helpful. Regardless though, a Realtor Vancouver professional will update you as to the state of the market at that moment in time. This might help fine-tune your strategy and timings.

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How a Realtor Vancouver professional Can Help you Through the Process

  • Market knowledge
  • Process expertise
  • Strategy

Market Knowledge

A Realtor Vancouver professional is a licensed individual whose business is based on building relationships and market knowledge. In fact, they work together.

Essentially, a Realtor Vancouver professional builds their reputation by knowing the ins and outs of what’s happening in the market.

With this knowledge, they’ll be able to advise you on how to best approach each season’s pros and cons. Furthermore, they’ll guide you when there are different trends such as the impact of the pandemic and how this has changed behaviours.

For instance, the demand for condos has gone down because people are keen to have more space for better social distancing.

Process Expertise

Clearly, a huge advantage of working with a Realtor Vancouver professional is that they can help you manoeuvre legal and financial processes. This naturally includes dealing with any difficulties that come up along the way.


With their process knowledge, a good Realtor Vancouver professional can also guide you when it comes to timings and your strategy. Are you single or a family looking for a home? Alternatively, you could be looking to sell at a time when your timings are critical.

Either way, you might not want to be governed by the seasons. Instead, you want your Realtor Vancouver professional to work within your budget and timings almost regardless of the season.

Of course, if you have a bit of flexibility then you can use the seasons to your advantage. It’s all about looking at the big picture and working out what suits you best.

image - When is a Good time to Contact a Realtor Vancouver professional

When is a Good time to Contact a Realtor Vancouver professional

  • Balance your needs with market behaviour
  • A personal choice

As mentioned, it’s all about balancing what you’re looking for with what the market can offer. A Realtor Vancouver professional can predict future trends and talk you through the best timing that works for your needs. At the end of the day, it’s really about personal choice.

Of course, there are the traditional seasons with Spring being the best for sellers because your listings look fresh and exciting after the Winter downtime.

On the other hand, Summer is normally the best for buyers due to more listings on offer with potential deals available. None of this compares with what a great Realtor Vancouver professional can offer you if they are in the know with what’s going on behind the scenes.

Sellers are often in touch with Realtor Vancouver professionals before they list their property just to get a feel for the market. You therefore never really know what’s out there until you find your perfect Realtor Vancouver professional.

Final Recommendations for Contacting a Realtor Vancouver professional

Is there a good time of year to contact your Realtor Vancouver professional? Yes, traditionally many suggest Spring for sellers and Summer for buyers. In fact, it’s a very personal choice based on your circumstances.

Also, if supply and demand don’t quite match up in terms of timing, then surely there are interesting opportunities. Therefore, work with your Realtor Vancouver professional to develop a strategy to find your dream house.