When traveling in the United States, you should visit the town of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

It will pleasantly surprise with the hospitality of residents, impressive beauty, and a wide range of entertainment for tourists of all ages.

The city of Myrtle Beach (South Carolina) is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

Thanks to the climate, beauty and a variety of entertainment facilities, tourists come here not only from all the surrounding areas but also from other cities.

On the Atlantic coast, this is one of the main resorts, although only 30 thousand residents live here.

The service is at a high level, well-mannered friendly service staff is always ready to help solve any problem that arises.

Myrtle Beach condos for sale are also very popular in Myrtle Beach, which distinguishes them from hotels by the fact that you own the “room”, and not the reception and other people.

Myrtle Beach has very beautiful landscapes, and therefore many people choose condos for sale in myrtle beach with a view of the embankment.

image - Myrtle Beach: Description, Sights, Reviews

Myrtle Beach: Description, Sights, Reviews

Myrtle Beach Sidewalk

It was opened less than ten years ago, and it immediately became one of the favorite places for tourists and residents of the city.

The sidewalk is a two-kilometer wooden deck located along the coastline of Myrtle Beach.

A mild, warm climate and a well-thought-out infrastructure allow you to get ample opportunities for a great holiday.

Comfortable beaches are organized for tourists, where you can not only relax but also engage in various water sports, including sailing.

Numerous souvenir shops offer a huge selection of unusual goods. Among the popular entertainment, cultural and mass musical events are distinguished.

One of the most spectacular is kite flying. The best restaurants in the city and modern outdoor bars offer a wide range of dishes and drinks.

The sidewalk of Myrtle Beach is ideal as a place for romantic walks with amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean.

State Park

It is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and includes a small part of the state. Myrtle Beach Park (South Carolina) was founded in 1935, its territory stretches over 120 hectares.

The subtropical climate opens up a lot of opportunities for active recreation for vacationers.

The convenient location in the heart of the Grand Strand coastline makes the park one of the most visited beaches on the coast of South Carolina.

There is a zone for comfortable camping, picnic tables, a pier for those who want to go fishing.

For people who prefer active sports, there are places for surfing, diving under the guidance of professional instructors, and it is also possible to organize a sailing trip.

On tourist walks, visitors can get acquainted with the rich world of flora and fauna represented in this region.

Most visiting travelers begin their acquaintance with Myrtle Beach with a visit to the city park.

An organized sea excursion allows you to enjoy the most picturesque views and a pleasant ocean breeze.

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Myrtle Waves Water Park

It is the largest in the United States and one of the largest in the world. The area of Myrtle Waves is over 20 hectares.

The water park impresses with its size and original design concept in the Caribbean style.

The model consists of models of plants and wild animals, aquariums with exotic species of marine inhabitants, an island with blue lagoons.


Even if you try very hard, you will hardly be lucky to find a negative opinion about a vacation in Myrtle Beach.

Absolutely all tourists who were lucky enough to visit there, note that the rest was successful, many of them thought about condos in myrtle beach.

No one was left indifferent by the attractions, many entertainment venues, and, of course, the ocean and beaches.

It is only noted that you need to have a sufficient amount of funds with you. Everyone who has been here planned to return.