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Follow This New Home Checklist Before You Move In!

There’s something very serene about a new house smell. The comfort of knowing you’re the first and only owner gives you the chance to immediately make the house feel like home.

image - Follow This New Home Checklist Before You Move In
Follow This New Home Checklist Before You Move In

But before you worry about the color scheme in your new kitchen, consider this new home checklist to make sure you’ve got everything you need to settle in right away.

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Turn on Utilities

The very first thing you should do once your new home is move-in ready is to contact all local utility services. These services typically include gas, water, and electricity.

During busy seasons, like the spring and summer, there might be a waiting list to get your services connected. If you’ll be moving during peak season, make sure you contact the utility company as soon as you close on your home.

Schedule Internet and TV Service

Next, you’ll want to set up your internet service. Do this well ahead of bringing in any furniture.

It speeds up the process for technicians since they won’t have any furniture to move to access walls and hard to reach spaces. You will need an internet set up before TV in most cases.

Once your internet service is installed, place your TV where you want it in the room so the cable technician can run wires to the appropriate place.

If you’re mounting a TV on a wall, this has to be completed before the cable installation happens so wires can run through holes created in the wall.

Make Copies of Your Keys

Make a copy of house keys for all adults and teens in your home. You’ll want to also have an extra set just in case you get locked out or have house guests.

A second garage door opener isn’t always possible, but many cars have built-in programmable buttons that connect to certain garage door models. Check your car’s manual for instructions on setting up your garage door controls.

Forward Your Mail

Visit the US Postal Service to fill out a change of address form. You can also go online and forward mail using the online form, but a credit or debit card is required to verify your identity.

Hire a Professional Cleaner

It’s a good rule of thumb to always hire a professional cleaning service before moving your personal belongings into a home. Even if the house is brand new, there’s likely dust and other residues from the construction process.

Get rid of any chemicals and dirt by working with a professional house cleaning service like Arizona Interior Maintenance Service, LLC.

Personalizing Your New Home Checklist

Creating a new home checklist can keep you from overthinking your move. Get the basics out of the way before you start daydreaming about any upgrades to the home.

Make sure your list is tailored to your lifestyle so that you get all the comforts of home. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.

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