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How Often Should I Water My Garden? A Simple Guide

The average 100′ x 100′ property requires over 6,000 gallons of water each time you turn on your irrigation system to water your lawn.

With some states, towns, and counties having water restrictions, you want to be conservative with your water usage but you still want to know how long to water a garden to keep it looking and performing at its best.

image - How Often Should I Water My Garden? A Simple Guide
How Often Should I Water My Garden? A Simple Guide

How often should I water my garden? Keep reading to get the details on the best practices for watering your garden.

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How often should I water my vegetable garden? How about my lawn and flower beds? What is the right balance?

As a general rule, check the soil for moisture. If the soil is dry, it’s time to water, but many factors affect the watering schedule. What are they?

  1. Your Climate

Are you in a hot, humid area of the country? Or do you live in a dry, hot, sunny climate? Do you get a lot of rain? The climate dictates your garden’s watering schedule.

In a rainy climate, you can plan to water your garden every 2 or 3 weeks. In really hot, sunny areas, you may have to water twice a week.

  1. Shade or Sun?

Does your lawn or garden get a lot of suns or is it partially shaded? Plants need the right balance of sunlight to flourish, but too much or too little is detrimental.

If your plants or lawn are getting too much sun, you need to check for drooping leaves or flowers, dry soil, brown grass, and fading colors. Don’t let your plants get to this point.

  1. What’s in Your Garden?

Do you have a vegetable garden? Many vegetables as well as perennials have shallow root systems and often require daily watering.

What about your lawn? Do you have drought-resistant grass like Bermuda, Zoysia, or St. Augustine? These types of grass require a lot less water and do well with half an inch to an inch and a quarter of rain or water from your sprinkler system per week.

  1. Soil Type

Typically, the soil is comprised of different combinations of sand, silt, and clay. When the soil has more clay, it is denser. The level of density dictates how long the soil will hold water.

Soil with more clay holds water longer. Water travels downward in sandy soil so it doesn’t hold water very well and needs more frequent watering.

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How Often Should I Water My Garden? The Bottom Line

You’ve seen the many factors that come into play when wondering, “How often should I water my garden?” Evaluate your personal property and apply these guidelines.

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