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Outdoor Furniture Shopping on a Budget: 5 Insider Tips

Planting greeneries, designing the entrance, and adding a water feature are some of the most common things homeowners can do to liven up their outdoor space.

It’s also possible to turn the outdoors into livable space by adding a few pieces of furniture here and there.

Unfortunately, if you’re on a tight budget, you might struggle to find a piece of furniture that fits your outdoor space. Your choices may be limited, and you can only invest in a few pieces to elevate the area.

In addition, the best-looking outdoor furniture is generally more expensive, but that’s not to say you can’t get suitable furniture without putting a dent in your wallet, and that’s why you’re here.

image - Outdoor Furniture Shopping on a Budget: 5 Insider Tips
Outdoor Furniture Shopping on a Budget: 5 Insider Tips

Below are several tips to help you shop for outdoor furniture on a budget:

1. Search in e-Commerce Websites

eCommerce websites are platforms that sell products in one or more categories. For example, some websites mainly sell outdoor furniture, while others sell homeware.

If you’re on a budget, these platforms would be a suitable place to search for furniture, and for several reasons.

For starters, since they don’t usually manage a physical store, their expenses are generally lower than brick-and-mortar shops, which means their products are typically more affordable. They may offer discounts or promotions you can take advantage of too, so you’ll be able to get your outdoor items for a lower cost.

Furthermore, despite the affordability, their products can match the offerings of famous companies in terms of quality.

One great example of an eCommerce website that offers outdoor furniture is Nadati.

Take note that when shopping on these platforms, you should also look for important things like warranties as you would when purchasing from a brick-and-mortar store. Some may allow returns or exchanges in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase. Alternatively, other stores may not be open to replacing items without any delivery or other fees if the product doesn’t meet your expectations.

However, one disadvantage to this is that it’s difficult to gauge whether a piece of furniture is really suitable for your outdoor space since you can only refer to its photos and, sometimes, videos. Hence, always check the details and read about the materials, dimensions, and proper care instructions of the items you want to buy. For example, if you want to purchase outdoor bean bag chairs, you should know the measurements of the product you’re eyeing and estimate how it will fit your yard.

2. Look at Yard Sales and Flea Markets

If you’re intent on spending as little as possible on outdoor furniture shopping, you might be able to settle for second-hand products from flea markets and yard sales.

One problem with this option is that many people are probably aiming for the same products you want, so it’s essential to get to the venue as early as possible. List items you want to buy and their alternatives as well if you can’t find them. This will make your shopping experience less stressful.

Moreover, yard and garage sales aren’t an everyday occurrence. It often goes on for a few days every couple of months, particularly during spring. Therefore, be on the lookout for upcoming sales and save some money, so you can buy what you want

Also, if you want to be early, it’s worth noting that they typically start at 7:00 AM. As for flea markets, they can open pretty much anytime, so be on guard in case one appears around your area.

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3. Repurpose Your Old Furniture

If even the preceding tips exceed your current budget, it might be time to consider repurposing your old furniture.

This is less of a hassle and free, that is if you’re not counting the costs of varnish and paints. Nevertheless, repurposing your old furniture is certainly an option.

Another advantage with this option is that you won’t have any qualms in modifying its looks to your preferences since you’re using your old furniture.

Repurpose Your Old Furniture

Of course, this would only be applicable if you currently have some old furniture to spare. Additionally, you need some essential construction tools to take apart and reattach different parts to make a new outdoor piece.

Still, you can ask your friends or loved ones if they have some. Otherwise, you can proceed to the next tips.

4. Purchase Furniture Off-Season

If you want to get furniture for a relatively lower price, it’s worth waiting until the off-season before buying outdoor furniture.

This is mainly because the price will be highly discounted since they’re not in demand compared to when it was first stocked.

However, the off-season isn’t a clear-cut date. For instance, people in Melbourne might want to look for furniture around October, while furniture might be more in demand in Adelaide during summer.

In short, the best time to buy furniture may differ, so you’ll have to do your research first as to the season where people are less inclined to purchase outdoor furniture.

There is, however, a holiday that lowers the price of all products, including outdoor furniture, and that is Labor Day.

5. Take Advantage of Labor Day

Labor Day is a public holiday meant for honoring working individuals. It’s often held in early September, while some countries have it in May.

Regardless, as with any other holidays, stores often go on sales during Labor Day.

As a result, the price of all sorts of products is highly discounted, although, for some reason, discounts on patio furniture are notably higher. Either way, this is a perfect opportunity for outdoor furniture shopping.

If you plan on scoring some essential outdoor items for your residence, it’s best to check out a few stores and see whether they’ve got what you want. You can then go back to the store on Labor Day and purchase the pieces if they’re still available.

Final Words

Although most homeowners want to improve the design of their outdoor spaces, only a few people have the funds to do so.

If you’re not one of them, it’s essential to understand that you can still turn your outdoor space into something that would catch anyone’s attention, even if you’re on a budget. Besides, with these tips, outdoor furniture shopping should be a lot easier.