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Top 5 Tips for Cleaning Wood Floors

Hardwood floors are so naturally beautiful and, in comparison with other flooring types (carpet, linoleum, tile, etc.), is one of the most durable flooring types.

This makes it way more appealing to buyers/renters causing the value of homes to rise. Who doesn’t want a beautiful, durable, guaranteed positive investment?!

image - Top 5 Tips for Cleaning Wood Floors
Top 5 Tips for Cleaning Wood Floors

That’s the easy question….Everyone! Now, who knew that maintenance on hardwood floors could be so difficult?

No worries! Below I have listed 5 tips for wood floor cleaning to help your hardwood floors shine!

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1. Do Not Use Water!!!

Most people just buy cleaner, dilute it and mop their floors. While this is fine for tile/linoleum there are specific wood floor cleaners formulated to prevent warping/water damage that should be used at least monthly.

Some of these include brands like Weiman’s hardwood floor cleaner (can be purchased in a two-pack with the refinishing polish).

If you do have a spill, clean the liquid off the floor IMMEDIATELY by using a dry or slightly wet rag (soap will also damage the wood).

Over time water will cause the wood to expand/retract causing it to warp and who wants a home full of warped floors?!

2. Make Sure to Sweep Daily

You can use a regular broom or you can use a dusting mop (sprayed with a small amount of dusting spray) to keep floors clean.

Keeping the floors clean daily helps lessen the amount of scratches/wear caused by dirt/debris and also helps lessen the dirt tracked into furniture (beds, sofas, etc).

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3. You Must Know How to Take Care of Scratches/Scuffs!!

This is a must as it is unavoidable. Whether it’s pet’s nails, furniture or children eventually you will run into a scratch in your wood floors.

This can easily be taken care of with a liquid scratch remover or floor polish (both found at your local hardware store).

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1. Think About Using Rugs/Runners or Pads as Protectants

As stated before in tip #3 it is inevitable you will get scratches on your wood floor, a great way to combat this is to use a rug/runner under furniture and in high traffic areas.

You can also purchase furniture pads (they come in various sizes) that slide/stick to the bottom of furniture legs to prevent scratching when the furniture slides.

These two products will help you, in the long run, spend less time/money refinishing your floors!

2. Put The Wax Away!

If your hardwoods are looking dull, please do NOT get out the wax. Waxing will just make it look even duller.

The best way to make your floors shine in this instance would be to buff out and refinish (polish) the area of the floor.

Make sure when doing this you match the new finishing agent to the shade of the rest of your floors.

Now that you have these tips you are more than capable of having the hardwood floors everyone dreams about and keeping them looking as good as the day they were installed!

I hope you enjoyed my tips and insight and hope you come back for more tips and tricks.